Adlink Technology Geme Industrial Pc ,no Type

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  • Brand/Model: ADLINK Technology GEME
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ADLINK Technology GEME Industrial PC ,no type
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Used ITW GEMA OptiStar Type CG06 Gun Automatic gun control unit (401838997581)
(NIB) IDEC Analog Input FC3A-AD1261 (401825346254)
Used Unipulse F800 Weighing Controller Display (401825326837)
Foxboro FBM214 8 Communications Hart Input P0922VT (401840867110)
Foxboro FBM205 Channel Isolated 4 Input / 4 Output 0-20 mA (401840866080)
Foxboro FBM217 FBM 217 Group Isolated 32 Input I/A Series PLC P0914TR (401840865907)
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Mitsubishi A1S61PN A1S-61PN Power Supply Unit PlC Module 100-240VAC 5VDC 5A (401939505083)
Used Allen-Bradley 6181-AFEDBCZZZ B Control Panel (401844628993)
Mitsubishi QY10 Output Unit (401939497128)
USED IDEC PLC FC3A-R161 OpenNet Relay Output Module (401838938201)
(NIB) IDEC PLC FC3A-R161 OpenNet Relay Output Module (401825345779)
(NIB) IDEC Expansion Module FC3A-EA1 (401825344879)
ADLINK Technology MXC-2002/HDD320G(G) Embedded Box Computers (401895894445)
USED Seiko Epson RAIOC-33 Programmable Controller (401848486986)
Used ULVAC single channel vacuum gauge display ISG1-N (401855285287)
Mitsubishi Q38B Main Base unit (401939504153)
Mitsubishi QD62E High Speed Counter Module (401939504489)
(NIB) IDEC Input Modules FC3A-N16B1,16 points 24V DC input (401825345278)
Foxboro FBM201d Channel Isolated 8 input 0-10VDC (401840868007)
Foxboro FBM207C Channel Isolated 16 Output 48Vdc Contact sense (401840870523)
Foxboro FCM10E Communication 10Mbps Coaxial Ethernet To 2mbps Fieldbus (401840871384)
NIB Pilz PNOZ Safety Relay 1 3S/1O 475650 (401858124105)
NIB YASKAWA DI-16H2 73600-C0160 (401844628193)
Mitsubishi QY41P MELSEC-Q Series Output Module (401937313112)
Mitsubishi QJ71BR11 PLC Network Function Module (401937316932)
Foxboro FBM203 Channel Isolated 8 Input RTD (401840868977)
Foxboro FBM241C Channel Isolated 8 Input Contact Sense 8 Output Switch (401840871042)
Mitsubishi Melsec Q64AD Isolated A/D Converter Unit Module (401939496924)
(NIB) IDEC CPU Base Opennet Controlle FC3A-CP2K (401825327240)
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Manz automation aico.pendant P61 MA1 (401904117171)
Used ABB ACS510-01-03A3-4 (401844666455)
Used ABB ACS510-01-025A-4 (401844666558)
Contec Box-PC IPC-BX/M560(PCW)EP Industrial Computer Omron Z5CF-C500SE (401838992844)
Foxboro FBM201 Channel Isolated 8Input 0-20Ma (401840865530)
Foxboro FCM2F2 Communication 2 Mbps Fiber Optic Fieldbus Extender P0914yz (401840866502)
Foxboro FBM237 I/A Series Channel Isolated 8 Output ,0-20mA (401827224412)
Used Rofin FA 3122971 IPC,Basic (401938415756)
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-32D AJ65SBTB132D (401940838483)
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-32T1 AJ65SBTB132T1 CCLINK Input/Output Units PLC 12/24 VDC (401940837247)
Mitsubishi L series programmable controller 63SP-CM L6DSPU L26CPU-BT (401846150525)
NIB SIEMENS CPU 928A 6ES5928-3UA21 (401847113392)
Motion Controller MPC6610 CNC Router Motion Controller (401939488923)
Bosch Rexroth 3 842 503 783 Motor W/ 3 842 527 868 GS 14-1 I=20 Gear Reducer (401904116928)
Used Siemens 6ES7 214-2BD23-0XB8 6ES72142BD230XB8 (401847460820)
2Units Rorze RD-234 Generate Master (401827230560)
Mitsubishi HC-KFS23 HCKFS23 Servo Motor 3AC 118V 1.1A (401939506592)
Mitsubishi Q61P-A2 Q61PA2 Power Subbly Unit (401939490310)
NIB Mitsubishi Melsec QS0J65BTB2-12DT Input/output Unit (401858128906)
B&R INDUSTRIAL PC 5PC600.SX05-01 5PC600.E855-02 Beckhoff FC7501/FC3101 Used (401846080642)
B&R INDUSTRIAL PC 5P81:402241.001-02 5PC810.SX05-00 Beckhoff FC7501/FC3101 Used (401846079293)
Used Keyence KV-3000 KV-U7 KV-L20V KV-B16XA KV-B16TA Real Time PLC (401845864034)
Mitsubishi Q81BD-J71LP21-25 (401939504396)
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-32DT AJ65SBTB132DT Input/Output Unit (401940838707)
SHARP IV-S20 Compact Image Sensor Camera NIB (401858123492)
Siemens 158-0AD00-0XA0 6ES7 158 0AD00 0XA0 PROFIBUS DP/DP Coupler (401847086272)
Heidenhain EXE 650 B X50/10 Id. Nr. 263 380 41 Interpolation Box (401862258658)
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-16DT AJ65SBTB116DT CC-Link Block Input/output Unit (401940838954)
Advantech PCA-6108 8-slot single segment ISA passive backplane for IPC-6908/6608 (401846064194)
Mitsubishi QX42 24VDC 4mA Compact PLC Input Module 64 Points (401939497223)
Yaskawa MP2200 MBU-01 CPU-01 217IF-01 218IF-01 SVB-01 PO-01 EXIOIF (401844667735)
ROMMEL 10820774 83693-ELK KONS Programmable Input/Output Controller T107345 (401835882571)
Mitsubishi GT1275-VNBA GT1275VNBA Operator Touch Panel Screen (401937291375)
Janz KD-GRO-20000 Industrial PC 2.6Mz Pentium 4 512Mb RAM 160Gb HD (401838964655)
2Units Rorze RC-204A IO Master (401827228998)
Phoenix Contact IB IL 24 DO 16-PAC/SN IBIL24DO16PACSN 2862961 (401839861534)
Used Keyence KV-5500 KV-TP40 KV-C64XC KV-C64TD KV-CL20 (401845889468)
DELTA TAU HI resolution AD converter W/ 4 Axis W/ 2 Axis W/ 24 in/24 Out (401924489052)
Used Phoenix MCR-F-UI-DC 2814605 Frequency Measurement Transmitter (401825219321)
NIB Yaskawa Electric Control Unit Module Rack JZNC-NRK01-1 REV J JANCD-NCP01-1 (401843934668)
PFU Limited PDS-BX01E0865 PA03585-B201 Embeded Computer (401895919402)
Omron XW2D-40G6 Terminal Block Connector (401825218741)
Pilz 301140 PSS SB DI8O8 301140 SafetyBUS Digital input output module (401828398036)
Used Siemens 6ES7 223-1PH22-0XA8 6ES72231PH220XA8 (401847461478)
1SET USED Siemens SINUMERIK 802D 6FC5611-0CA01-0AA0,6FC5603-0AD00-0AA1, (401843831209)
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