Siemens 6rb2030-0fa01 Circuit Board 447 703.9050.01

Siemens 6rb2030-0fa01 Circuit Board 447 703.9050.01

  • Price: 2,992.77 USD
  • Avaibility: 4 available
  • Condition: New other (see details)
  • Item ships from: Yale, Michigan
  • Shipping package dimensions: 10x10x1 inches
  • Product weight: 1 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Siemens 6RB20300FA01
  • Sold by: mara_industrial · This seller has received 28,980 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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SIEMENS 6RB2030-0FA01 6RB20300FA01 447 703.9050.01
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SIEMENS POWER BOARD 6RB2030-0FA01 6RB2-030-0FA01 6RB20300FA01 60 Day Warranty!
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