Rarest Mid-19th C. Pierre Jules Mene Bronze Sculpture  Scottish Hunter  C. 1860s

Rarest Mid-19th C. Pierre Jules Mene Bronze Sculpture Scottish Hunter C. 1860s

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Original 30" AUGUSTE MOREAU Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture c. 1890 French antique (283173752847)
Important 24" HENRI CHAPU FRENCH Art Nouveau Gilt Bronze Sculpture c. 1885 (282953870495)
Pair of Argentor Bronze Sculptures Girl & Boy on Sleds BRUNO ZACH c. 1920s (282277968223)
Fine & Large 46" Pair of 19th C. ITALIAN CARVED WOOD Putti Sculptures c. 1860 (391643920936)
Rare 31" PHILIPPE WOLFERS "Leda & the Swan" Bronze Sculpture c. 1910 antique (372270211462)
Large 39" Museum-Quality 19th C. Bronze Sculpture HENRI PLE Aztec Emperor (372484016018)
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