EDOUARD DROUOT Original French Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture c. 1900 antique

EDOUARD DROUOT  Original French Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture  c. 1900 antique

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ROYAL VIENNA ART NOUVEAU Cabinet Plate "Ein Lied" c. 1900 antique porcelain (391943939245)
Fine 57" FRENCH ART NOUVEAU Fruitwood Etagere Display Cabinet c. 1900 antique (372084931802)
Fine Original German Antique Oil Painting LUDWIG VON ZUMBUSCH c. 1920 (371886237061)
Fine Original 18.5" French Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture ADRIEN GAUDEZ c. 1890 (282763163050)
Very Rare DURAND HEARTS & VINE Art Glass Lamp w/ Outstanding Gilt Mounts c. 1920 (372144699957)
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Rare & Large PALLME KONIG Art Nouveau Glass Lamp c. 1910 Bohemian loetz vase (391400620252)
Superb 19th C. ROYAL VIENNA ART NOUVEAU Cabinet Plate Angelo Asti c. 1890 (372156822065)
Rare Early Austrian JUGENDSTIL Pottery Vase EDUARD STELLMACHER c. 1890s Amphora (281941998360)
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Superb Antique ITALIAN Carved Alabaster 26" Sculpture of Mother & Child G. MASI (391752910649)
Fine 19th C. GERMAN Oil Painting ALOIS PRIECHENFRIED "The Letter" c. 1880 (371994181697)
Fine Pair RUSSIAN ART NOUVEAU Gilt Bronze & Malachite Ewers c. 1905 antique (391811860243)
JOSEF HOFFMANN Influenced Antonio Volpe "Egg" Rocking Chair c. 1970s (391769199219)
Massive 39" Antique French Sculpture "AGRICULTURE" by F. MILLIOT c. 1890 (391722817338)
Authentic Signed EMILE GALLE Art Nouveau Inlaid Music Stand c. 1900 table (371057006403)
ERNST WAHLISS Art Nouveau Amphora Porcelain Sculpture of Woman c. 1900 antique (371627091169)
Antique 27" French Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture of Ballerina MARCEL DEBUT (371076193048)
Massive & Rare 25.5" Legras Cameo Glass Vase c. 1920 French Art Nouveau (371068887708)
Massive 27" HANDEL or UNIQUE Stained Glass Ceiling Lamp c. 1915 leaded antique (282433761693)
Museum-Quality EDWARD GEORGE HANDEL LUCAS English Antique Oil Painting c. 1888 (282769405797)
Fine & Massive Antique BELGIAN Floral Oil Painting HENRY SCHOUTEN c. 1910 (391765638534)
Important 19th C. Oil Painting of Two Women Archers GEORGE H. HAY antique (391625340249)
Fine Antique Pair of Massive 24" ENGLISH MAJOLICA URNS c. 1870 George Jones (282218944172)
Massive & Rare Iridized 15" QUEZAL ART GLASS "Jack-in-the-Pulpit" Vase antique (391726225697)
Rare Abel Combe French Cameo Glass Vases c. 1880 Art Nouveau Bronze Mounted (370619783932)
Museum-Quality DAUM NANCY 5-Color Cameo & Vitrified Glass Vase c. 1907 antique (371890240471)
Massive 31" MUSEUM-QUALITY SEVRES Hand-Painted Urn DEMONCEAUX c. 1880 antique (372019081641)
Rare Museum-Quality Pair of 17th C. ITALIAN MANNERIST Bronze Sculptures (282268927289)
Huge 35" ANTIQUE St. Louis WORLD FAIR ROSEVILLE "Mongol" Pottery Vase c. 1904 (282612394157)
Museum-Quality QUEZAL Art Nouveau 7-Shade Ceiling Lamp c. 1904 antique glass (282567946112)
Museum-Quality EMILE GALLE Art Nouveau Inlaid & Carved Card Game Table c. 1880 (391498207554)
One-of-a-Kind MURIEL BRANDOLINI Draped Canopy King Size Bed from New York Estate (282580463051)
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