Cisco Ips4270-20-k9 Cisco Ips 4270-20 Sensor

Cisco Ips4270-20-k9 Cisco Ips 4270-20 Sensor

  • Price: 3,625.61 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Seller refurbished
  • Item ships from: Union, New Jersey · Get it in 3 days
  • Shipping package dimensions: 6x4x4 inches
  • Product weight: 25 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Cisco IPS4270-20-K9
  • Sold by: it-base · This seller has received 5,608 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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Cisco CUVC-5230-HD30 Cisco Unified Videoconferencing CUVC-5-PS Dual AC (231692288455)
Cisco N55-M12T 12-port 10G BASE-T Ethernet Module (191555218259)
Cisco C6800-32P10G-XL Catalyst 6800 32-port 10GE Card (192302511487)
CISCO A9K-MOD160-SE ASR 9000 Mod160 Modular Line Card, Service Edge Optimized (371688797382)
Cisco OPB-SCE8K-MM Optical Bypass for OPB-SCE8K (231699651401)
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