Ibm N6220 Storage Array Single Chassis W/ Single Controller 111-01061

Ibm N6220 Storage Array Single Chassis W/ Single Controller 111-01061

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  • Condition: Used
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  • Brand/Model: IBM N6220
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EMC² BEZEL 100-563-420 3U HELLCAT 15 for VNX5300 Compatible 100-563-260 (331711699934)
EMC² VNX 005050927 600GB 15K 3.5" SAS Drive HDD V4-VS15-600 V3-VS15-600 (231970606003)
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EMC 005050599 200GB 6Gbps 2.5" SAS Flash SSD V4-2S6FX-200 V5-2S6FX-200 (332667706144)
EMC 2U 25-BAY DAE VNX6GDAE25, SAS Disk Array Enclosure for VNX series (231437450210)
EMC 303-081-105B 10Gbe ISCSI 2-Port IO Optical Adapter VNX 303-081-105 (231531348646)
NETAPP DS14MK2 Disk Shelf 14TB w/14 X269A-R5 1TB 7.2K 3.5" Drives 108-00180 (231736754685)
EMC² VNX VX-VS10-900 900GB 10K RPM 6Gbps 3.5" SAS Hard Disk Drive (331865022141)
NetApp X1972A-R5 Flash Cache 1TB PCI-E Module 111-00709 / 110-00177 (332096259944)
EMC 005050523 200GB 6Gbps 2.5" Flash SAS SSD V4-2S6FX-200 V5-2S6FX-200 (232786586641)
EMC 303-137-000D, VNXe 3100/3150 DAE LCC, V2-DAE-12, Link Control Card (231461540150)
EMC² VNX V3-VS6F-200 200GB 6Gbps 3.5" SSD EFD SAS Hard Drive HDD in Caddy (231913809888)
NetApp X3548-R5 V3170 Service Processor w/16GB DIMM Memory (231956224994)
NetApp X1971A-R5 Flash Cache 512GB PCI-E Module R5 111-00708 w/ 1 Year Warranty (232043757489)
NetApp X3540-R5 Service Processor for FAS3140 System 111-00401 (231763710440)
EMC 071-000-022 1050W AC Power Supply for VNX5200 VNX5400 (232539631212)
IBM DS4700 1814-70A Express Model 70 Storage Unit Chassis (332246284164)
Lot of 50 EMC DMX-4G15-146 Symmetrix 146GB 15K 4Gb/sec 3.5" Fibre Channel Drive (231047195018)
EMC ES-5832B Brocade Encryption Switch w/ 32 Active Ports + 32x 8G SFP (231988316943)
EMC 303-195-101B 2-Port 10GbE v3 SLIC IO Module w/ 2x 10G SFPs (332417094246)
NETAPP DS14MK4 Disk Shelf w/ 14 600GB X292A-R5 15K FC Drives 108-00225 (331541693260)
EMC CX3 CX4 30TB 4P-DAE CX-SA07-020 2TB 7.2k RPM FC Drives w/Bezel Rails Cables (331779259794)
EMC² VMAX 005050442 400GB SSD/EFD 6Gbps SAS 3.5" MLC Flash Drive (231834680374)
EMC 4P-DAE w/15 x CX-4G15-600 600GB 15k RPM FC Drives w/Bezel Rails & Cables (231788285361)
NetApp FAS3220 Single Chassis w/ Controller 111-01061 + IOXM 111-00647 (331984762256)
NetApp FAS3250 Single Chassis w/ Controller + IOXM, Rails + Accessories (232336901443)
NetApp FAS6280 Single Chassis w/ Controller 111-01021 + IOXM 111-01023 (232092580510)
IBM N6240 Single Chassis w/ IOXM, X2065A-R6 4 Port SAS, X2054A-R6 4 Port FC (332006679967)
EMC 110-201-016B VNX5200 VNX5400 Service Processor (332427806742)
EMC 110-201-026B VNX5200 VNX5400 Service Processor (332427806560)
EMC 110-201-006D VNX5200 VNX5400 Service Processor (332427806597)
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