Ciena Cn 2110-t0-30  955-0003-003 & Cn 2110-t0-70  955-0003-007

Ciena Cn 2110-t0-30 955-0003-003 & Cn 2110-t0-70 955-0003-007

  • Price: 3,200.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Used
  • Item ships from: default, default · Get it in 3 days
  • Shipping package dimensions: 3x3x1 inches
  • Product weight: 2 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Ciena CN 2110-T0-70
  • Sold by: digicenttech · This seller has received 77 ratings (100.00% Positive)

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MRV SFP27DWLR08-26R DWDM SFP 1556.55nm 2.7G 80km OC48/STM16 (223004779339)
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MRV SFP27DWLR08-33R DWDM SFP 1550.92nm 2.7G 80km OC48/STM16 (323287576065)
MRV SFP27DWLR08-34R DWDM SFP 1550.12nm 2.7G 80km OC48/STM16 (323287578027)
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Ciena 730-0006-049B OPT-49D-UL DWDM SFP 1538.19nm 2.67G 80km OC48/STM16 (223004293767)
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Alcatel-Lucent 1AB402160002 SFP CWDM 1471nm 2.67G 80km OC48/STM-16 (223004588498)
Ciena NTK586AQE5 DWDM SFP 1534.25nm 2.67G 80km FC100/200/400/OC48/STM16 (223004296898)
Ciena 730-0006-034A OPT-34D-UL DWDM SFP 1550.12nm 2.67G 120km OC48/STM16 (222683772206)
Ciena 730-0006-032A OPT-32D-UL DWDM SFP 1551.72nm 2.67G 120km OC48/STM16 (222683775125)
Ciena XFP-OPT-LR 130-4900-900 10GB-LR/SR1/L64.1 1310nm 10km WMOTB2KFAA (323025352900)
Ciena NTTP30CFE6 SFP+10GB-L/FC1200-SM-L 10km WOTRBCAKAB FTLX1471D3BNL-NT (222811130124)
Juniper 740-014291 XFP-10G-Z-OC192-LR2 1550nm 80km SMF FTRX-1811-3-J2 REV 02 (222983107883)
MRV SFP27DWLR12-25 DWDM SFP 1557.36nm 2.7G 120km OC48/STM16 (223004798621)
Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia)1AB375380003 XFP OC192/10GBASE-ER/EW 40km 1550nm NGI7ALK (322911321946)
BLADE BN-CKM-SP-ER 90Y9415 IBM FRU: 90Y9414 SFP+ 40km 1550nm 10G PPN: 90Y9413 (323214353835)
Infinera TOM-10GE-LRL SFP 130-0300-001 SFP 10G WOTRDGELAA (222996035498)
Cisco DS-SFP-FC32G-SW 10-3206-01 SFP+ 32G 850nm 125M FC SW MMF (223004634177)
Marconi SU68HK 1400883-0110 SFP DWDM CH31# 1552.52nm 2.67G 180km OC48 (223004578888)
Marconi SU68HV 1400883-0227 SFP DWDM CH42# 1543.73nm 2.67G 180km OC48 (223004584593)
Calix 100-01673 SFP 1GE BIDI 1490nm Tx D 60km SPBD-1250B4N1DCA SMF (323123761950)
Brocade 57-0000089-01 XBR-000198/XBR-000199 SFP+16G LWL 1310nm 10km FC (323255755091)
Alcatel-Lucent 3AL82037ANAA SFP 10G CWDM 1510nm WOTRDTCTAA CPRI3-5 CH53 (222762608645)
CYAN 280-0248 SFP+10G DWDM 1545.32nm CH#40, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W40 (323061077387)
New Brocade 57-10000262-01. XBR-000258 SFP+16G ELWL 1310nm 25km FC (322895044908)
CYAN 280-0246 SFP+10G DWDM 1546.92nm CH#38, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W38 (222829562916)
CYAN 280-0265 SFP+10G DWDM 1531.90nm CH#57, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W57 (222829674059)
CYAN 280-0243 SFP+10G DWDM 1549.32nm CH#35, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W35 (222829553444)
CYAN 280-0240 SFP+10G DWDM 1551.72nm CH#32, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W32 (222829550584)
CYAN 280-0232 SFP+10G DWDM 1558.17nm CH#24, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W24 (222829539333)
CYAN 280-0235 SFP+10G DWDM 1555.75nm CH#27, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W27 (323061035850)
CYAN 280-0260 SFP+10G DWDM 1535.82nm CH#52, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W52 (323061169043)
CYAN 280-0231 SFP+10G DWDM 1558.98nm CH#23, 80km, Fujistu FIM35060/238W23 (222829536619)
CYAN 280-0254 SFP+10G DWDM 1540.56nm CH#46, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W46 (222829655310)
CYAN 280-0233 SFP+10G DWDM 1557.36nm CH#25, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W25 (222829540877)
CYAN 280-0230 SFP+10G DWDM 1559.79nm CH#22, 80km, Fujistu FIM35060/238W22 (323061017973)
CYAN 280-0237 SFP+10G DWDM 1554.13nm CH#29, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W29 (222829544871)
CYAN 280-0259 SFP+10G DWDM 1536.61nm CH#51, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W51 (222829663532)
CYAN 280-0245 SFP+10G DWDM 1547.72nm CH#37, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W37 (323061057373)
CYAN 280-0252 SFP+10G DWDM 1542.14nm CH#44, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W44 (323061155248)
CYAN 280-0242 SFP+10G DWDM 1550.12nm CH#34, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W34 (222829552719)
CYAN 280-0258 SFP+10G DWDM 1537.40nm CH#50, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W50 (222829662146)
CYAN 280-0261 SFP+10G DWDM 1535.04nm CH#53, 80km, Fujitsu FIM35060/238W53 (222829667827)
Ericsson SU69DW XFP 10G DWDM 80km 194.3THz CH#43, RDH102 100/23 1400803-0356 (323042893607)
Calix 100-01782 GPON OLT 2.4/1.2G SFP Class B+ 1490/1310nm SC SMF (222902883074)
Calix 100-01783 GPON OLT 2.4/1.2G SFP Class B+ 1490/1310nm SC SMF (222902880567)
Huawei Genuine QSFP-40G-LR4 40GBASE QSFP 1310nm 10km SMF 02310MHS (222617989384)
ECI OTR25_AV35 DWDM SFP CH35# 1549.32nm 2.67G 180km OC48/STM16 IGP-28111J-35EC (223004323376)
Cisco QSFP-100G-PSM4-S 10-3144-01 100GBASE PSM4 QSFP MPO,500M over SMF (223083347790)
Brocade 57-1000332-01 XBR-000238 / XBR-000239 SFP+32G 1310nm 10km FC LWL SMF (222946026556)
Infinera TOM-10G-D59-LR2 130-0142-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1530.33nm 80km WOTRBRLAA (222983125181)
Infinera TOM-10G-D28-LR2 130-0111-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1554.94nm 80km WOTRBPFLAA (222983158230)
Infinera TOM-10G-D29-LR2 130-0112-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1554.13nm 80km WOTRBGLAA (222983130556)
Infinera TOM-10G-D52-LR2 130-0135-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1535.82nm 80km WOTRBP4LAA (222983155138)
Infinera TOM-10G-D50-LR2 130-0133-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1537.40nm 80km WOTRBP2LAA (323261936505)
Infinera TOM-10G-D57-LR2 130-0140-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1531.90nm 80km WOTRBP9LAA (222983152815)
Infinera TOM-10G-D24-LR2 130-0107-001 XFP 10G DWDM 1558.17nm 80km WOTRBPBLAA (222983134895)
(Lot of 100) JDSU PLRXPL-VC-S43-8G-N 10G SFP+ SR 850nm New (322973771587)
Nortel NTK583AAE6 XFP DWDM Tunable C-Band 1528.38~1568.77 50GHz 80km WOTRBV9KAA (323030625536)
Infinera TOM-10G-LR2 XFP 130-0038-001 XFP 10G 80km 1550nm WMOTCBNMAA (222982232809)
Infinera TOM-10G-C55-LR2 XFP 130-0214-001 XFP 10G CWDM 1551nm 80km WOTRB28LAA (222982998365)
Brocade 57-0000085-01 10G-SFPP-ER 10Gbase-ER 1550nm 40km SMF (322744461235)
CIENA NTK583AAE6 XFP DWDM Tunable C-Band 1528.38~1568.77 50GHz 80km WOTRBV9KAA (323246055847)
Infinera TOM-100GMR-Q-SR4 OTU4 QSFP28 130-0353-001 FTLC9551SEPM-FN WOTRD57LAA (323354929648)
Infinera TOM-100G-Q-SR4 QSFP28 130-0334-001 FTLC9551REPM-FN WOTRDRDLAA (323353933496)
Nortel NTK587BEE5 XFP 10G DWDM 1539.77nm EML 80km IPUIA7JWAB FTRX-3812M347-N3 (323030751872)
Alcatel-Lucent 1AB402160012 CFP-100GBase-LR4 4x25G LAN-WDM SMF 10km (222441490017)
Ciena MUX/DMUX CN-100-D80 & CN-BS1-C, CN-100-C80 & CN-BS2-CD (323265179149)
New Box Ciena NTK583AAE6 XFP DWDM Tunable C-Band Multirate 50GHz 80km WOTRBV9KAA (323214038737)
ZTE 033030600028 CFP4 100G LR4 SM-10km-1310-100G-C 23001500 TRA5E20FNF-LF310 (323405799366)
Ciena CN2110-T0-40 WOGUAAVFAA 955-0003-004&CN2110-T0-20 WOGUAATFAA 955-0003-002 (222985668971)
Ciena CN5150 170-5150-900, 48-Port 100/1000M SFP, exclude Power supply and XFP (223156921888)
SmartBits 6000B within loaded Cards, LAN-3111As, LAN-3101A, LAN-3201B, LAN3310A (323500687225)
Ciena CN4200 within loaded cards (Check Descrip) B-720-1086-300, F10-T90-TN (323265146266)
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