Cisco Catalyst Ws-c3750x-48pf-s 48 Port Gigabit Full Poe Switch Damaged Face Pl

Cisco Catalyst Ws-c3750x-48pf-s 48 Port Gigabit Full Poe Switch Damaged Face Pl

  • Price: 900.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Seller refurbished
  • Item ships from: Minneapolis, Minnesota · Get it in 1 days
  • Brand/Model: Cisco
  • Sold by: knowcompusa2 · This seller has received 599 ratings (97.30% Positive)
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AP802A HP StorageWorks 2408 FCoE Power Pack+ Converged Network Switch 8-Ports 8G (323086397409)
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