Used Hp Aj718a 468508-002 Hp 8gb Shortwave B-series Fc Sfp+ 40xavailable

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  • Condition: Used/good working condition
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  • Shipping package dimensions: 8x8x1 inches
  • Product weight: 2 ounces
  • Brand/Model: HP AJ718A
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NEW NOKIA 474502A.101 RTXM227-882-C39 1491NM 20KM 9.8GB SFP+ Transceiver 10xAvai (154517313155)
J8708A - HP ProCurve 4-port 10GbE ZL Module 5406zl 5412zl 5400 8212zl 5xAvail (174825002866)
Cisco NME-X-23ES-1G-P 23 Port PoE Switch Module FULLY TESTED WARRANTY 10xAvail (313589993869)
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GENUINE Cisco X2-10GB-LX4 10-2154-03 10 Gigabit Transceiver 10xAvailable (154506433244)
332-00331 NETAPP FINISAR FTLF8529P3BCVAN1 FTLF8529P3BCV 16GB FC SFP+ Transceiver (174825002864)
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PROLINE SFP-SX-CDW 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver 16xAvailable (154506433237)
4050-00290-01 EXTREME NETWORKS Finisar FTL4C1QE1C QSFP+ 40GBASE-LR4 Transceiver (174913457771)
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EXTREME NETWORKS BLACKDIMOND 41561 BD 8500-G24X-e 24-Port SFP Module (154510746014)
9V5TM DELL M8024-K 7WKF9 10G Ethernet Switch Blade for PowerEdge M1000E NOB (175042499415)
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