1961 Boston Red Sox Pass Ticket Carl Yastrzemski First HR at Los Angles Angels

1961 Boston Red Sox Pass Ticket Carl Yastrzemski  First HR at Los Angles Angels

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1950 World Series GM 4 Ticket Pass Yogi Berra HR/Whitey Ford First Win/NY Yankee (252615781445)
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1976 Ticket Pass Mark Fidrych First Win/2 H/ RCY 19-9/LL ERA 2.34 Detroit Tigers (302331104119)
1951 World Series Ticket Pass Joe DiMaggio Last HR New York Yankees/Mantle 1st (252550645266)
1983 Carl Yastrzemski Last Hit 3419/Yaz Day Ticket Pass Boston Red Sox Rice Ex (302228630740)
1980 Mike Schmidt HR Clinches Pennant Ticket Pass HR 48 MVP/Tops Mathews Record (302119507188)
1997 David Ortiz Debut PSA Ticket Pass Ryne Sandberg last GM (302490329700)
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1937 USC Trojans 13- Ohio State 12 /1st Meeting Ticket pass psa (301236514982)
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1989 Ken Griffey Jr Debut/First Hit/HR Ticket Pass Mike Schmidt Last HR 548 Life (302152632335)
1963 Ken Hubbs Chicago Cubs Last HR & Hit PSA Pass Ticket (251513766159)
1962 Earl Wilson No-Hit Pass Ticket At Fenway Park Boston Red Sox 5K/ He Hit HR (252580763936)
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1940 Dizzy Dean Last Win 150 Ticket Pass St Louis Cardinals 9 IP/1 K/1163 Life (302123009175)
1997 David Ortiz First Hit Full Ticket 2472 Hit Life/Boston Red Sox/PH Double Mt (302106947230)
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1975 Bob Gibson Ticket pass psa Last GM 538/IP 3884 St Louis Cardinals HOF (302159781877)
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1973 NAPBL Robin Yount/Eddie Murray Both Age 17 Ticket Pass PSA Minors G. Brett (253173651659)
1977 Detroit Tigers Ticket Pass Al Trammell Rookie /Jack Morris Debut/First Win (302562584358)
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1965 Dave Morehead No-Hit Ticket pass psa/Satchel Paige Last GM/Gem Mt (251514135630)
1984 Kirby Puckett Debut/First Hit 2304 Life Ticket Pass Minnesota Twins Nr MT (252677635397)
1967 Johnny Bench First Hit/First HR Ticket Pass Cincinnati Reds Ex (302168020810)
1979 Carl Yastrzemski 3000 Hit Photo Ticket Pass Boston Red Sox Scarce (252673158327)
1979 Rickey Hendenson Debut/First Hit Thurman Munson Last HR Ticket Pass A's Ex (302161843414)
1977 Boise A's Rickey Henderson Ticket Pass PSA Age 18/134 G/11HR/95 SB/345 BA (253147762320)
1996 Derick Jeter 1st HR/Mariano Rivera PSA Ticket Pass 1st Save Yankees (302444295255)
1972 Ticket Pass PSA Stanley Cup Finals Bobby Orr/2 G/MVP/Boston Bruins Cup EX (302314671885)
1975 AL Tony Conigliaro Last HR Ticket Nolan Ryan No-Hit GM/Eckersly Debut/Win (253175628982)
1968 Binghamton Triplets Pass Ticket Valid Thurman Munson Age 21/6 HR/BA 301 NYY (252525600140)
PSA 1960 Ticket Pass Debut 1st GM Ron Santo Cubs/ Juan Marichal S.F. Giants NM (252219966751)
1991 NBA Finals Michael Jordan MVP Ticket Pass Clincher GM 5 Chicago Bulls Vs La (253426698111)
1955 Cleveland Indians Bob Feller Last Win 266 Ticket Pass Vs New York Yankees (252721248305)
1986-87 Michael Jordan Ticket Pass Chicago Bulls Age 23/37pts PPG Leader His Hig (253427303255)
1943 NAPBL Yogi Berra 7 HR Ticket Pass PSA Minor League Norfolk Tars NY Yankees (253387332482)
1966 Frank Robinson MVP/Triple Crown Ticket Pass PSA Orioles Win Pennant (302622056066)
1982 Cal Ripken Jr First HR Ticket Pass PSA Baltimore Orioles Opening Day (252720642154)
1959 Ticket Pass Rocky Colavito 4/Four HR One GM At Orioles V Cleveland Indians (302127169228)
1968 Pass Detroit Tigers Pennant/ Kaline 2000 Hit/McLain 31 Win/Mathews Last GM (302353782444)
1946 Ticket Pass Mel Ott Last Hit 2876 New York Giants Vs Brooklyn Dodgers Nr Mt (302187046191)
1960 Ticket pass Ted Williams Last HR 521/ Fenway Park The Boston Red Sox Room V (302634539704)
1960 Boston Patriots Ticket Pass PSA First GM Exhibit/First YR/NFL Champs GM Ex (251583222559)
1973 Ticket Pass Dave Winfield/George Brett Debut/First Hit KC Royals/Padres Ex (252776434513)
Mickey Mantle Last Game 1968 Pass Ticket At Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees MT (301163764364)
1967-68 Boston Celtics PSA Ticket Pass 10th Title/Bill Russell Debut Black Coach (251555157563)
1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Debut/First Hit Ticket Pass PSA First HR/At Seattle Mariner (253400890266)
1963 Sandy Koufax No-Hit Full PSA Ticket Pass At Los Angles Dodgers No-Hitteer (253509525212)
1956 World Series Don Larsen Perfect GM Ticket pass psa Mantle HR #7/8 Yankees (251529054506)
1961 Roger Maris Ticket Pass 61 HR Tops Babe Ruth Yankees Clinch Pennant/Mantle (302228335376)
1974 Al Kaline 3000 Hit Ticket Pass PSA Last HR/Last Hit/Last GM Detroit Tigers (253400608766)
1946 New York Yankees Ticket Pass PSA Yogi Berra First HR/ Bob Feller No-Hit GM (253387298833)
1946 Jackie Robinson Ticket pass PSA Montreal Royal Minor .349/Brooklyn Dodgers (302677708230)
1964 Ticket Pass Tony Conigliaro First HR Opening Day Boston Red Sox /JFK Game (302678365842)
1961 Roger Maris Ticket Pass 61 HR PSA Full New York Yankees Mickey Mantle Ex (251513766161)
1967 Tony Conigliaro Hit By Pitch Aug. 18 Ticket Pass PSA Boston Red Sox Champs (302622611983)
1930 Chicago Cubs Ticket Pass Hack Wilson ML Record 191 RBI/ NL Record 56 HR EX (302414479934)
1961 Carl Yastrzemski Debut/ First Hit PSA Ticket Fenway Park Boston Red Sox (301447699774)
1960 Ticket pass PSA Ted Williams 500 HR At Cleveland Indians Vs Boston Red Sox (302620772385)
1953 NL Al Kaline Debut/First Hit/HR Ticket Pass PSA Detroit Tigers MT 8 (302617682071)
1955 Brooks Robinson Debut/First Hit A L Ticket Pass PSA MT Harmon Killebrew Fir (302617935733)
1935 Babe Ruth NL Debut/HR 709 Ticket Pass Book Boston Braves Opening Day Hubbel (253426481979)
1957 Last GM Ebbets Field Brooklyn Dodgers Full Ticket Pass PSA Sandy Koufax 5 W (253393064438)
1918 Boston Red Sox Babe Ruth PSA Ticket Pass W 13/2 Hits/Clinches Pennant Ex (251514135608)
1956 Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson Ticket Pass PSA Last GM/HR/RBI Win Pennant (302411177367)
1939 Ted Williams Ticket Pass PSA Debut First Hit/First HR Boston Red Sox Rookie (302613626851)
Ted Williams Last GM/HR PSA Ticket/Pass 1960 NM Boston Red Sox At Fenway Park (252909419187)
1966 Nolan Ryan Debut/First K/ Ticket Pass PSA New York Mets NM 7 (253398366528)
1970 Bobby Orr Flying The Goal PSA Full Ticket Pass Boston Bruins Stanley Cup (251514455572)
1972 Roberto Clemente 3000 Hit/Last Full PSA Ticket Pass Pittsburgh Pirates Ex (302623311230)
1954 Hank Aaron First HR/Debut/First Hit PSA Ticket Pass Milwaukee Braves Booste (302617796734)
1954 Roberto Clemente N.A.P.B.L. Minors PSA Ticket Pass Age 19/2 HR/Montreal/ Pi (302617776284)
1962 Wilt Chamberlain Ticket Pass Scores 100 Points GM/Record PSA Philadelphia (301200600595)
1935 Babe Ruth Last YR Ticket Pass PSA Last HR 714 Boston Braves 3 HR One GM (302613605500)
1915 Babe Ruth Ticket Pass PSA First HR/18 Wins Boston Red Sox World Champs Vg (302127409963)
1914 Babe Ruth Debut/First Hit Ticket Pass PSA First Win Pitcher Boston Red Sox (253384201573)
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