Eaton Soft Start S801t30n3s 300hp 304a 600v 3ph Software Rev.: 02 New Surplus

  • Price: 7,000.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: New – Open box
  • Item ships from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Shipping package dimensions: 24x18x16 inches
  • Product weight: 48 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Eaton S801T30N3S
  • Sold by: cnjsurplus · This seller has received 5,593 ratings (99.90% Positive)
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Siemens Contactor 3TF41-CLHB003 20A 600V 120V Coil Used (273866274279)
Telemecanique Contactor CAD50 120V Coil 10A w/ Aux Contact Block Used (273973046407)
Telemecanique Contactor CA2SK E20 120V Coil 12A 600V Used (283399776676)
Furnas Contactor 42DF35AF 120V Coil 50A 600V w/ (2) Aux Contact Used (283612595022)
Westinghouse Size 1 Starter B200M1CAC 120V Coil 27A *Missing Reset* Used (293225463320)
Danfoss Contactor CI 45 110V Coil 80A 600V w/ (2) Aux Contact Used (293124824948)
GE Contactor CL06A300M 120V Coil 80A 600V w/ (3) Aux Contact Used (293124909529)
Furnas Contactor 42EE35AF305R 120V Coil 60A 600V Used (273931544052)
Telemecanique Starter w/ Time Delay Module LC1D25/LRD1522 120V Coil Trip: 17-25A (273847590947)
Eaton 2 Speed Contactor DIL XTCE065D / DIL M40 XTCE040D 24-27VDC Coil 600V Used (292672727606)
Furnas Size 1 Starter 14DP32AF 120V Coil 27A 600V Used (292077487277)
Cutler-Hammer Starter A307MN CE12BNC310 Range: 1.4-2A Used (281524564275)
Westinghouse Heaters FH27 *Box of 3* Used (272346813207)
Square D Heaters B40.0 *Lot of 3* Used (272350985090)
Square D Heaters B22.0 *Lot of 3* Used (282147312065)
Square D Heaters B5.50 *Lot of 3* Used (291853825707)
Square D Heaters B88.0 *Lot of 3* Used (282148125868)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-C16*10 30A 600V 230V Coil Used (273818572540)
Square D 1 N.C. Contact Module 9998 SO-1 Ser. B For Type S, Size 00-4&6 (283572432199)
GE Contact Kit 55-152313G112 New Surplus (293026901797)
GE Contact Kit CR55-152313G112 New Surplus (293027020469)
Square D Motor Starting Switch 2510KG1 Type 1 Enclosure New Surplus (282299182860)
Square D 1 N.C. Electrical Interlock 9999 SX-7 Ser. B For Type S, Size 00-7 (273957935668)
Packard Contactor C340B 120V Coil 40A 600V Used (283516596856)
Danfoss Contactor CI 32 110V Coil 70A 600V w/ (3) Aux Contacts Used (292341261466)
Square D 1 N.O & 1 N.C. Electrical Interlock 9999 SX-8 Ser. B New Surplus (273958945919)
Westinghouse L 56 Electrical Interlock 503C782G01 1 N.O. 1 N.C. New Surplus (283434039170)
Siemens Sirius Contactor 3RT1017-1AK61 120V Coil 20A 600V Used (283486042476)
Essex Contactor 109452-8 18-40A 240-600V 24V Coil Used (293041966148)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 700-F220A1 120V Coil Used (293074433973)
Square D Red Pilot Light Kit 9999 SP-12R Ser A For Type S,Size 00-1 New Surplus (273960257441)
Telemecanique Contactor LC1 D10 10 120V Coil 25A 600V Used (293074093211)
Benshaw Contactor RSC-220 100-240VAC/100-220VDC Coil 275A 600V Used (282891452131)
Siemens Size 00 Reversing Contactor CRL0B4017* 120V Coil 9A 600V Used (283578306486)
Furnas Enclosed Size 1 Contactor 14DF32BC81 220-240/440-480V Coil 27A 600V Used (273968685643)
Telemecanique Integral 18 Starter LD1 LB030 115-120V Coil 18A 600V Used (292987626038)
Square D Contactor LC1 D8011L6 208V Coil New Surplus (292195836157)
Telemecanique Integral 18 Starter LD1 LB030 115-120V Coil 18A 600V Trip:1-1.6A (283399900375)
Carrier Contactor HN52KC 053 230V Coil 30A 2P New Surplus (273783997168)
Furnas Contactor 42CD35AF 40A 600V 120V Coil (291209066799)
Westinghouse Aux Contact Kit W22 2NO & 2NC Used (273779050060)
Square D Enclosed Starter 8911DPSI13V02 20A 600V 120V Coil Used (292943193735)
ABB Contactor EH 145 120V Coil 200A 600V Used (283522908835)
Allen-Bradley Reversing Starter 104-C09ZJ22/193-EA2DB 24VDC Coil 25A 600V, Used (273644109643)
GE Contact Kit 55-152313G285 New Surplus (293036637856)
Furnas ESP100 Size 1 Starter 14DS+32A*/48ASD3M20 600V 27A 120V Coil Trip 2.5-10A (292077604146)
Furnas Enclosed Starter 14BP32BC Size 00 Coil 240/480V 3Ph Nema 1 New Surplus (281300910225)
Siemens Enclosed Starter SXL01CMCS2 Size 1 24V Coil .63-1A Overload Nema 1 New (271443008548)
Square D Enclosed Size 1 Starter 8536 SCG3 Form S Ser. A 120V Coil 600V Used (283579539535)
Allen-Bradley Reversing Starter 100C09*10 w/ Solid State Overload E1 Plus 1-5 A (271289780800)
Square D Size 5 Starter 8536SGO1S/9065SE05 120V Coil 75-200HP 600V 50/60Hz Used (273628367591)
GE Reversing Contactor CL07A300M 120V Coil 100A 600V "Chipped Insulator" Used (292164954959)
ABB Contactor A260-30 120V Coil 350A 600V Used (283096428029)
Square D Contactor LC1D8011 480V Coil *No Box* New Surplus (272739635701)
Telemecanique Contactor LC1F400 420A 600V 480V Coil Used (272115507663)
ABB Contactor EH 260 24VDC Coil 300A 600V 3P Used (292121595259)
Square D Fusible 3R Combination 8538 SCA 44 AFP1T Size 1 120V Coil Used (281275082760)
Square D Size 4 Starter 8536 SFO 1 120V Coil 600V *Heaters May Vary* Used (292655036641)
ABB Contactor EH 450 525A 600V 220V DC Coil Used (282108590321)
GE Magnetic Contactor CR305T004, Size 2 4P 440-480V Coil, New Surplus (281078716241)
Westinghouse Size 2 Contactor A201K2CW 240V Coil 45A Used (273418354044)
Allen-Bradley Manual Motor Controller 140-CMN-4000 Range: 25-40A 600V Used (281970135819)
Superior Interlock Electrically Held S1059001YPBL 120VAC Used (281757315309)
ABB Enclosed Starter A5053-84DH 208V Coil 60Hz 3Ph 52A Used (282197868274)
Cutler-Hammer Starter Enclosure ECN0801BHA Size 0 New Surplus (283478167453)
Square D Contactor LCI D8011M7 220/240V Coil New Surplus (282587470189)
Allen-Bradley GuardMaster Safety Contactor 100S-C60D14C Ser B 120V Coil 90A 600V (273359411040)
Siemens Starter 3TF48/3UA58 00-2T 120V Coil 100A 600V Trip: 40-57A Used (293185830162)
Danfoss Contactor CI 16 110V Coil 40A 600V Used (293043190178)
Allen-Bradley Safety Contactor 100S-C37D14C 120V Coil 60A 600V w/ Aux Contact (273638629826)
Telemecanique Contactor LC1K 0910 G7 120V Coil 20A 600V Used (283441230056)
Square D Red Pilot Light Kit 9999 SP-12R Ser A For Type S, Size 00-1 New Surplus (273960241654)
Cutler-Hammer Contactor C832LN1 Size 5 350A 120V Coil (281418359370)
ABB Starter A95-30 120V Coil 125A Overload: TA110DU Range: 80-110A New Takeout (282021143350)
GE ASTAT Soft Start QC2A-DA 20/40 HP 200/230/460V Used (292528642657)
Square D Enclosed Starter w/Current Transformer 8536SFG1V02S Size 4 120V Coil (271600885933)
Allen-Bradley Fusible Combination 509-A0D Size 0 Transformer Used (271404882267)
Cutler-Hammer Enclosed Starter ECN0701BJA With CPT New Surplus (281056253975)
Square D Fusible Combination 8538SEG13V02S Size 3 100A 120V Coil Used (281597132774)
Cerus Motor Starter BAS1-22/J-22P 10HP/3HP 460/208VAC 3Ph nema 1 enclosure Used (281662495357)
ABB Contactor EH 210 115-127V Coil 230A 600V Used (273835563524)
Eaton Reversing Contactor DIL M65 XTCE065D 24-27VDC Coil 88A 600V Used (283093357144)
ABB 2 Speed Contactor A50-30 / A40-30-01 120V Coil 80/60A 600V Used (292672868755)
Furnas Contactor, 42EE35AF106, 60FLA, 120V Coil, Used (271740366402)
Eaton Fusible Combination ECN1831CHG Size 3 120V Coil nema 1 Enc. New Surplus (271900046012)
Square D Size 3 Reversing Contactor 9702 SE02 240V Coil 600V Used (272959454965)
Square D Enclosed Starter 8536 SF01 Size 4 120V Coil w/Thermal Overloads Used (291238709049)
Allen-Bradley Size 5 Contactor 509-F0B Size 5 270A Max 3P 3Ph 120V Coil Used (272230947194)
Square D Breaker Combination, Size 1 7A GJL36007M02 New Surplus (292338750147)
Square D Heaters B6.90 *Lot of 3* New Surplus (282590432381)
Telemecanique Contactors LC2D0911 120V Coil 25A Used (281518168680)
Furnas Contactor 42EE35AFGE154 110/120V Coil 60A 600V Used (273784012019)
GE Contactor IC5181C100A3AB 115V Coil 18A 440V New Surplus (291677191103)
Cutler-Hammer Size 1 Contactor C10CN3A 120V Coil 3P New Surplus (292198041111)
GE 3R Fusible Combination CR408F6**R21AAAAA Size 4 460-480V Coil nema 3R Enc. (281597070450)
Square D Enclosed Contractor 801 PH22E Wiegmann Enclosure U230242 Nema 12 13 (271394877308)
Cutler-Hammer Enclosed Starter BN16BN0 18A Nema 0 New Surplus (281053220309)
Eaton Soft Start S801T24N3S 200HP 240A 600V 3Ph Software Rev.: 02 New Surplus (273558235661)
Allen-Bradley Combination Size 2 Non Fusible 208V NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Used (281119852280)
GE Size 6 Starter Coil 393B152G5A w/ Parts -- Used (281658612273)
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