S&c 802600r2 Fault Filter Electronic Power Fuse 13.8kv 600a

S&c 802600r2 Fault Filter Electronic Power Fuse 13.8kv 600a

  • Price: 1,800.10 USD
  • Avaibility: 3 available
  • Condition: New
  • Item ships from: Delta, Ohio · Get it in 1 days
  • Shipping package dimensions: 17x7x7 inches
  • Product weight: 11 pounds
  • Brand/Model: S&C 802600R2
  • Sold by: nri-industrial · This seller has received 81,050 ratings (100.00% Positive)

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Ge 9F60BBD905 Ej-1 Size B Current Limiting Fuse 0.5e Amp 5.5kv-ac (292725807555)
General Electric Ge 6293011G19 Type Ej-1 Cartridge Fuse 15000v-ac (292859958090)
Box Of 10 Ferraz Shawmut TRS4R Tri-onict Time Delay Fuse 4a 600v-ac (382647181218)
15RBA4-150E Expulsion Boric Std Fuse Refill 150e 15.5kv-ac (292549742850)
Ge 9F60DMH010 15.5kv 10e Size C Class Medium Voltage Fuse (292824024852)
Ge 397L502G Ej0-1 Current Limiting Fuse 80e Amp 2.4kv-ac (292866250065)
General Electric Ge 9F60 Ej0-1 Fuse 80e Amp 2.75kv-ac (382670540159)
Westinghouse 1318720-B Class E 50e Amp 5kv-ac Fuse (382633511806)
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Ferraz Shawmut A480R3R-1 100a 4.8kv-ac Fuse (382237576624)
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General Electric Ge 9F60CCB005 Cartridge Fuse Type Ej-1 5e Amp 2.75kv-ac (302988043818)
English Electric C300HR Energy Limiting Fuse 300a Amp 600v-ac (302993891700)
Ge 9F60FJD100 Current Limiting Fuse Type Ejo-1 Size D 100e Amp 5.5kv (292334973104)
General Electric Ge 9F60LJD209 9r 5.08 Kv Size D Fuse (292539274927)
Mersen 9F60DNJ002 TYPE EJO-1 Current Limiting Fuse 25.8kv Ma 2e (382458407610)
General Electric Ge 9F60CCB005 Cartridge Fuse Type Ej-1 5e Amp 2.75kv-ac (382662033898)
Westinghouse CLE-1 310C095G15 Fuse 100e Amps 4.8kv-ac (382465291836)
Ferraz Shawmut 9F60DNJ010 Current Limiting Fuse 10a 25.8kv-ac (302986195285)
Ge 9F60DNJ010 Current Limiting Fuse 10a Amp 25.8kv-ac (302987930653)
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Westinghouse 5CLE-50E 50a Amp 5.5kv-ac Fuse (382629855811)
Ge 9F60FJD080 Size D Type Ejo-1 Current Limiting Fuse 4800v 80e Amp (302562919023)
Ferraz Shawmut A055F1D0R0-40E Cs-3 Series Fuse 40e Amp 5.5kv (302717098690)
General Electric Ge 9F60 EJO-1 Size C Current Limiting Fuse (382666036887)
Norberg 100-3R-1C-5.5 High Voltage Fuse Type R 100amp 5.5kv (302873333554)
Ferraz Shawmut A4BY5000 Time Delay Fuse 5000a Amp 600v-ac (382562413270)
Ferraz Shawmut A072F1D0R0-9R Amp-trap 7.2kv-ac Fuse (292627610336)
Eaton WL-35949 Vacuum Interrupter (292522616766)
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