Allen-bradley Soft Start 150-b180nbdb 150hp 180a 208-480v 3ph 47-63hz Used

Allen-bradley Soft Start 150-b180nbdb 150hp 180a 208-480v 3ph 47-63hz Used

  • Price: 5,000.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Used
  • Item ships from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Shipping package dimensions: 36x16x16 inches
  • Product weight: 64 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Allen-Bradley 150-B180NBDB
  • Sold by: cnjsurplus · This seller has received 4,958 ratings (99.70% Positive)
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ALLEN BRADLEY 150-B180NBDB (Used, Cleaned, Tested 2 year warranty)
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Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-B110N*3 120V Coil 110A 600V Used (292585103727)
Fuji Electric Starter SRCA3631-0(4a) 200-220V Coil Trip: 5-8A Used (272974423151)
Siemens Sirius Contactor 3RT1046-1B..0 24VDC Coil 105A 600V w/Aux Contact Block (282502837706)
ABB 2 Speed Contactor A50-30 / A40-30-01 120V Coil 80/60A 600V Used (292672868755)
Eaton Reversing Contactor DIL M65 XTCE065D 24-27VDC Coil 88A 600V Used (283093357144)
Allen-Bradley GuardMaster Safety Contactor 100S-C60D14C Ser B 120V Coil 90A 600V (273359411040)
Benshaw Size 4 Contactor RSC-150 100-240VAC/100-220VDC Coil 210A 600V Used (283096996092)
GE Size 00 Enclosed Starter CR306A102 115-120V Coil 3P Type 1 Enclosure (283189741476)
Square D Size 1 Contactor 8536SCO3S 480V Coil 3HP 600V Used (272191672960)
Square D Size 1 Reversing Contactor 8702 SC0-2 8702 SC0-2 120V Coil Used (292149384815)
GE Starter CR7CE CR7G1TM 7-10A Trip 120V Coil Used (291295186093)
Eaton Motor Protector Disconnect PKZM4-32 XTPR032DC1 Trip: 24-32A 600V Used (292674250773)
Allen-Bradley Size 3 Starter 509-D0D 90A 600V 115-120V Coil Used (292056636177)
Carlo Gavazzi Enclosed Starter w/ Disconnect CGC-9A(D) Size 00 3R Enclosure (282414209515)
Cutler-Hammer Enclosed Starter ECN0701BJA With CPT New Surplus (281056253975)
GE Size 3 Contactor CR106E0 110V Coil 600V Used (282398352592)
Westinghouse Size 0 Starter A200M0CAC 120V Coil 18A 600V Used (273457988778)
Brah Electric Contactor EH-175 120V Coil 200A 600V Used (282891056310)
Eaton Motor Protector Disconnect PKZM4-58 XTPR058DC1 Trip: 50-58A 600V Used (292673257025)
Furnas ESP100 Size 1 Starter 14DS+32A*/48ASD3M20 600V 27A 120V Coil Trip 2.5-10A (292077604146)
Westinghouse Size 1 Industrial Non-Reversing Starter B200J1CA-ALT New Surplus (281062563052)
ABB 2 Speed Contactor A95-30/A63-30 120V Coil 125A/90A 600V Used (292672722871)
Allen-Bradley Enclosed Size 2 Starter 709CAA 120V Coil Used (292033779669)
Toshiba Enclosed Starter C-20E Size 00+ 480V Coil New Surplus (281300924108)
GE Enclosed Starter CR306B10400ANTDR Size 0 3P 120V Coil Nema 1 New Surplus (281301878799)
ABB Contactor EH 260 24VDC Coil 300A 600V 2P Used (282483797785)
ABB Reversing Contactor B50 120V Coil 65A 600V w/ (2) Aux Contacts Used (292161330862)
GE Size 1 Starter CR306C18200AFTDB 120V Coil 27A 600V Type 1 Enclosure (273406944027)
Siemens Contactor 3TF52 Size 4 135A 600V 120V Coil (291228916092)
Cutler-Hammer Starter ECN0501AQA Size 0 Nema 1 Enclosure New Surplus (281081499850)
ABB Size 4 Contactor EH-150 120V Coil 135A 600V (291619601171)
GE Reversing Contactor CL07A300M 120V Coil 100A 600V "Chipped Insulator" Used (292164954959)
Square D Size 0 Enclosed Starter w/ Motor Logic Overload 120V Coil 600V New (282922057779)
Siemens Sirius Contactor 3RT1064-6…6 21-27.3V Coil 250A 600V Used (272683640262)
Cutler-Hammer Reversing Contactor CE15MN3 120V Coil 105A 600V w/(2) Aux Contacts (292142528409)
Square D Fusible Combination 8538SEG13V02S Size 3 100A 120V Coil Used (281597132774)
GE Overload Heater CR123C301A w/Mounting Screws "Box of 63" New Surplus (291805665542)
Cutler-Hammer Combination ECN1814CJC, Size 1 Fusible 4X, New Surplus (281065255782)
Allen-Bradley Enclosed Soft Start 150-AIGJB SMC-2 16A 400-480V NEW SURPLUS (281354947664)
Furas Reversing Contactor 43JG32A* 120V Coil 135A 600V Used (291610534489)
Cutler-Hammer Combination ECN2431CJG, Size 3 Non-Fusible 100A, New Surplus (281075202405)
Eaton Fusible Combination ECN1831CHG Size 3 120V Coil nema 1 Enc. New Surplus (271900046012)
GE Vacuum Contactor CR193B110L005041U 400A 7.2KV Used (281953598123)
Allen-Bradley MCC Bucket Centerline 2100 Size 1 FVNR 2100U-WLFLS47/20 (281056156523)
Eaton Soft Start S801R13N3S 135A 600V 3Ph 47-63Hz 125HP Max Used (292782866694)
Eaton Reduced Voltage Soft Starter S811+U50N3S 400HP 500A 600V 3Ph 47-63Hz Used (283082094896)
GE 3R Fusible Combination CR408F6**R21AAAAA Size 4 460-480V Coil nema 3R Enc. (281597070450)
Eaton Soft Start 5811T24N3S 200HP 240A 600V 3Ph 47-63Hz Used (272770380080)
Allen-Bradley Soft Start w/ Starter 150-A360NBD 300HP 100-B300N*3 w/ 120V Coil (281358955442)
Eaton Soft Start S801T24N3S 200HP 240A 600V 3Ph Software Rev.: 02 New Surplus (273558235661)
Eaton Soft Start S801T30N3S 300HP 304A 600V 3Ph Software Rev.: 02 New Surplus (292815710945)
Toshiba TS Soft Start AS011AC 300HP JXP63400 Disconnect 400A RC820-HP1Y72 Used (271838761975)
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