Dell Poweredge R730xd Server-2x E5-2603v4 1.7ghz 6c Cpus/32gb Ram/2x146gb Hdds

Dell Poweredge R730xd Server-2x E5-2603v4 1.7ghz 6c Cpus/32gb Ram/2x146gb Hdds

  • Price: 3,279.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Seller refurbished
  • Item ships from: Norcross, Georgia
  • Sold by: it_edeals · This seller has received 348 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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IBM 44V5705 Voltage Regulator Module 5625 (291137280836)
IBM 03N5830 FSP Card 80P6787 10N9280 (291142597726)
IBM 5901 IBM PCIe Dual x4 SAS Adapter 44V4852 CCIN 57B3 (301170914531)
SUN Oracle 371-4676 NEW Battery Backup Unit (291141131974)
Sun 371-2482 Sun Storage Tek ASSY LCA Controller Battery (291180434485)
IBM 44V4294 300 Watt Power Supply (291137281966)
IBM 5685 PCIe Riser Card 2BE6 6B1C 74Y2288 74Y5221 74Y3228 (292522657857)
IBM 00E0656 3Gb SAS Planar Adapter 00E0660 (302677592497)
IBM 85Y6070 85Y6069 V7000 764W Power Supply without battery 85Y5847 85Y6072 (292676181363)
IBM 31P1807 V7000 Gen2 node battery 00AR085 (302864216880)
IBM 5729 74Y3467 PCIe 2 x 10Gbe 2 x 1Gbe adapter (292491859119)
3255 00D5387 00FJ017 IBM 600GB 2.5″ 15k HDD V7000 (292611246373)
IBM 6258 Internal Tape Drive 36/72GB (301170916302)
45W8838 45W8837 45W8836 IBM/Lenovo Rackmount Rail Kit for 2072-24C V3700 (302817714171)
IBM 00MJ027 8Gb FC 4 Port Host Interface for V7000 G2 00MJ028 00MJ029 (302747806971)
90Y7689 44X3320 IBM V3500 V3700 Battery (292653767477)
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IBM 6385 21F8828 13gb 1/4" Tape Drive (291137281962)
IBM 7489 VPD Enterprise Card 03N5115 New Clean (301171951201)
IBM 5735 8Gbps 2-Port FC Adapter 10n9824 00E0806 46C7006 577D (291594184295)
IBM 00FV726 60mm Fan Assembly (302865362393)
IBM 01AF543 Processor VRM 01AF402 (292491859659)
IBM 8767-HNX Half-High Tabletop Drive Enclosure (301170915686)
IBM 59Y5151 Real IBM and really New Battery for DS5020 DS3950 (302635564463)
46C2900 IBM ECBY AE1 HD Straight Cable 46C2899 (292601490156)
43W8494 39m5636 FC 5395 IBM DAT160 USB Internal Tape Drive F/C #5395 43W8493 (302771646287)
EMC 110-113-436B VNX VG2 Controller Module with 2.4Ghz CPU (302845984404)
IBM 6383 16GB 1/4″ Internal Tape Drive 59h4533 (302732224310)
NEW Factory Sealed IBM 45W5002 Batt 2018 date 00Y3447 45W4439 1 year warranty (292517652495)
IBM 7042-CR4 HMC (301247988633)
IBM 51Y0499 52Y4088 8core 3.55Ghz processor 543C (302677592174)
IBM ESDJ 571Gb 15k SAS SFF-1 Disk Drive 00FJ017 00E8648 00E9908 (303033930269)
IBM 85Y6116 V7000 Type 300 Node Canister 00L4642 00L4644 (302967221885)
IBM 21H7080 Battery w/ NEW BATTERIES installed (292517652485)
PER730XD 24X2.5″ Dell PowerEdge R730XD 24×2.5″ Server- REFURBISHED (292614016433)
IBM 7042-CR6 HMC (292016405076)
IBM 64P8448 V7000 V5000 GEN2 Expansion Canister 64P8439 (302864216829)
IBM V3700 00AR004 00AR108 00AR000 Storwize Canister exact 00AR004 Part Number (302816552006)
New F/S IBM 85Y5898 V7000 Battery 85Y6046 2018 date code 1 year warranty 00AR301 (302350733600)
EMC 100-652-512 ED-DCX-B Connectrix Director Chassis with 2x 2000w PSU (292683309752)
AQ298C HP MSL LTO-6 Half Height Ultrium 6250 FC Drive HP Part 706825-001 (292648179495)
Sun Ultra 45 2×1.6GHz/4Gb/256GbHDD/XVR-300 (292475096120)
IBM 00E0942 52DB VPD Card (292491859500)
IBM 2B4A p740 System Board 00E1768 00E1769 00E3127 (292491858935)
IBM ES0H 775Gb SSD SFF-2 for IBM i 00E8705 00E8709 00D5355 (292703114506)
IBM 7042-CR7 Hardware Management Console (302227768000)
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IBM 7042-CR8 HMC Hardware Management Console (302860959927)
2072-24C IBM Storwize V3700 SFF Dual Controller base unit no disk but can add (292645769314)
2072-24E 14.4Tb total with 24 x ACLK 600Gb disk 00Y2457 2072-SEU IBM V3700 (302836515516)
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