Magna-tech Model 2036-6 6 Channel 16/35mm Reproducer

Magna-tech Model 2036-6 6 Channel 16/35mm Reproducer

  • Price: 2,765.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Item ships from: Miami, Florida
  • Sold by: kinemaman · This seller has received 14,090 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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EIKI EX-6000 Professional 16mm Sound Projector w/1000 Watt Xenon (252634155304)
KINOTON FP-16 16mm professional Cine Projector Optical & Mag Sound (253993143973)
Bell & Howell 140-M Filmo Carbon Arc 16mm Sound Projector (282925554367)
De Vry XD 35mm Movie Projector w/ Reverse Scan Dolby Stereo Sound Reader Minty (312069781152)
Kinoton PK-60D 35mm Analog Motion Picture Projector Dolby Audio Clean! (311562829001)
RCA Porto-Arc Carbon Arc 16mm Sound Projector Complete and operating (312111109502)
EIKI 16MM XENON SOUND PROJECTOR EX-4000P refurbished & warranty! (253780029566)
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Arri Loc Pro 35mm Cine Film Editor Viewer Excellent shape fully serviced! (252795287585)
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