Huge Designer Garavelli 18k Gold Topaz and 3cts Fancy Cognac Diamond Ring 19.2g

Huge Designer Garavelli 18k Gold Topaz and 3cts Fancy Cognac Diamond Ring 19.2g

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Item ships from Lincoln NE USA

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Wide Heavy Designer 18k Gold 3.6tcw 3cts Emerald .6ct VS Diamond Ring Band 15.4g (282735441782)
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Huge Vintage 14k Gold Grey White 15mm Each Salt Water Baroque Pearl Ring 27.9g (292353343620)
Stunning Huge Heavy 14k White Gold 30.2ct Topaz 1ct Diamond European Shank 22gms (291968630717)
18k Gold Antique Deco 5.44ct Aquamarine .9ct European Cut Diamond Ring 9.5g (272427627237)
Fine 14k Gold Deco 2.8ct Emerald 1.3ct Si1 Trilogy Milgraine Diamond Ring (272639340402)
Heavy Custom 18k Gold 4.29tcw 3.85ct VS Emerald .44ct VS Diamond Ring 14.8g (282591719948)
Huge Vintage 18k White Gold 52.04tcw 50.24ct Citrine .8ct VS Diamond Ring 21.7g (291996930906)
Huge Heavy 18k Gold 30tcw Star Ruby 1ct VS Diamond Cocktail Ring 35.2 gms (272948475580)
Huge Vintage 14k White Gold 32ct Aquamarine 2.2ct Diamond Cocktail Ring 27.8gms (282120101684)
Huge Heavy Vintage 14k Gold 10tcw Australian Opal Diamond Cocktail Ring 15.7g (282346254350)
Huge 18k Gold Designer 26.8tcw Bezel Set Aquamarine Diamond Cocktail Ring 19.1g (292337725915)
Huge 18k Antique 30.8tcw Persian Turquoise European Cut Diamond Ring 14.9gms (272581040778)
14k Gold 5.46tcw 4.46ct SI1 Emerald 1ct Diamond Ring 12.7g GIA GG App $11K (292215401107)
Stunning Wide Band Heavy Platinum 5ct Aquamarine 1.6ct VS Diamond Ring 17.5 gms (282443648013)
Heavy 18k Gold 13tcw 9.6ct Citrine 2.65ct Yellow Sapphire .75ct Diamond Ring 23g (272313011703)
Stunning Heavy Vintage 2.92tcw Sapphire VS Diamond Platinum Ring 8g Appr. $6,285 (292145738648)
Stunning Platinum 6.08tcw Chrome Blue Green Tourmaline VS Diamond Ring 14.8 gms (272328542052)
Heavy Designer Vintage Platinum 7.8ctw 6.8ct Red Ruby 1ct Diamond Ring 15.3g (292308923728)
Huge Very Heavy Fancy Cut 7.2ct Chrome Tourmaline .3ct VS Diamond Ring 23gm (282755168875)
Huge Heavy 18k White Gold 36ct Amethyst 2.5ct Diamond Cocktail Ring 21.2gms (292172539191)
Designer 18k White Gold 8.1ct Rubellite Tourmaline .46ct Diamond Halo Ring 10.3g (282745517143)
Huge Vintage 18k White Gold 24.83ct Madeira Citrine 4ct VS Diamond Ring 15g (272571546779)
Huge Heavy Platinum 28.74ct Ametrine .53ct White Yellow Diamond Ring 28.5g (272933199685)
Stunning Heavy Huge Vintage 18k Gold 27tcw 24ct Amethyst 3ct Diamond Ring 18.3g (282659539273)
Huge Vintage 18k Gold 5.02ctw VS Diamond Emerald Cocktail Ring 14.1 gms (292304341920)
Heavy Wide Gemlok 13.65mm Platinum 2.6ct VS Diamond Braided Ring Band 14.5g (272930594354)
Heavy 18k White Gold 11.8tcw 10ct Australian Opal 1.8ct VS Diamond Ring 14.6g (272471994155)
Huge Heavy 14k Gold 35ct Siberian Amethyst 1.8ct Diamond Ring European Shank 30g (272748691680)
Heavy 18k Gold 14ctw 12ct Peridot 2ct VS F-G Diamond Ring Undergallery 17.8g (282466678739)
14k White Gold 6.15ctw 5.6ct Australian Black Opal .55c Diamond Halo Ring 13.3g (292223816122)
18k White Gold 4.58tcw 2.98ct Unheated Padparadscha Sapphire Diamond Ring GIA (282692993425)
18k White Gold Marco Valente 4.5tcw 2.5ct VS Emerald 2ct Black Diamond Ring (292366006977)
Heavy 18k Gold Charles Krypell 4.36tcw Ruby VS Diamond Cocktail Ring 18.2 gms (291884235666)
Huge Platinum 13.7ctw 13.52ct Opal .18ct Diamond Cocktail Ring Red! 12.7 gms (272120111531)
Huge Heavy 18k Gold 2ct Unheated Cashmere Blue Sapphire w/ VS Diamond RIng 16.1g (282731638514)
Vintage Platinum 7.32tcw 5.32ct Yellow Sapphire 2ct Diamond Halo Ring 14.8gm (282708414186)
18k Gold 10ct 5ct Indicolite 4ct Rubellite Tourmaline 1ct VS Diamond Ring 16.5g (272786936625)
18k White Gold 6.5tcw 5ct Blue Zircon 1.5ct VS Diamond Halo Ring 8.9gms (291763350039)
Huge Vintage 18k White Gold 35.2tcw 34.6ct Aquamarine .6ct VS Diamond Ring 15.3g (292282191543)
Heavy 18k Gold Designer MAG 4.24tcw VS1 Emerald VS Diamond Ring GIA $17,900 Appr (282571758694)
Huge Vintage 18k Gold 24.5tcw 20ct Australian Opal (reds) 4.5ct Diamond Ring 16g (272948833729)
Huge Vintage 14k Gold 50ct Emerald Cut Aquamarine Diamond Cocktail Ring 20.4g (272921073316)
Huge 18k White Gold 7.71ctw 6.48ct Emerald 1.23ct VS Diamond Ring 12.4G GIA $30K (272901923943)
40's 14k White Gold 4.9ct VVS2 Demantoid Garnet 1ct Diamond Ring GIA GG App 50k (292356627243)
Platinum 5.75tcw Rare VS1 Colombian Emerald VS1 Diamond Ring Oiled Only 10.45g (272885193958)
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