Refrigerated Air Dryer,107 Scfm

Refrigerated Air Dryer,107 Scfm

Sold by zoro_us

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Item ships from Buffalo Grove IL USA

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Refrigerated Dryer,184 scfm,115/230V (272816616120)
Filter Oil Removal,3in NPT,1124 cfm (272810806623)
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Pre-Filter,15in.H x 6in.W (282620398649)
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Filter Oil Removal,700 cfm,1 in. NPT (272815828232)
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Compressed Air Filter,16in.H x 8in.W (272815833172)
Filter Oil Removal,3in NPT,1371 cfm (272810806709)
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Compressed Air Filter,16in.H x 7in.W (282620409809)
Filter Oil Removal,3in NPT,1668 cfm (272810806636)
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Pneumatic Oil Filter,8 In. Flange NPT (282620707459)
Refrigerated Dryer,270 scfm (282621080405)
Filter Oil Removal,2058 cfm,2 in. NPT (272815844368)
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