Hp Ap717a / Ap717-63002 Eva P6000 Dual Controller Array - Fully Loaded

Hp Ap717a / Ap717-63002 Eva P6000 Dual Controller Array - Fully Loaded

  • Price: 3,290.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Used
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  • Brand/Model: HP AP717A
  • Sold by: iyarmi9 · This seller has received 11,866 ratings (98.70% Positive)
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DEC / Digital Corp. DNSES 54-23279-01 EISA/SYNC Communication Controller (222264341876)
VICON DigiTek V716-IDS Video Controller Switch V716IDS-230 (272392431073)
7x HP 355895-002 SCSI Controller Boards for BL25p BL20p G3 Blade Server XW25p (221241742737)
12x IBM 43W8432 X3550 Type 7978 Optical Drive Controller Cards -FREE SHIP! (272392535538)
EMC DAE KAE Link Controller Module P/N: 005348489 (272393611928)
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HP 624790-B21 Proliant S6500 POD Rail Kit - NEW! (272393189465)
HP 487267-001 2U Quick Deploy Rail System Kit, MNTG HDWR, 2U G6 - NEW! (272393611849)
HP MSL5000 MSL6000 379585-001 AD577-60002 Tape Library Controller Card w/1x SFP (273336169100)
Xyratex RS-1204-SAFTE-JBOD Controller Module 40146-08 40815-02 for RS-1204-LVD (222263223526)
AVOCENT 620-248-501 Model 990482 64-Port Adapter SST-64P PCI Board - NEW in Box! (272392030509)
AVOCENT / EQUINOX 64 Port Adapter SST-64P PCI Board - FREE SHIP! (220735881259)
ADC / ALS / C-COR 10Bit Video DECODER Board DV6102VDM DV6102VDN4M (272393611866)
SUN X6326A 594-5010-01 Rail Kit for SunFire X41x0 X4270 T51x0 T52x0- NEW in Box! (272393189460)
DEC / Digital Corp. DNSES 54-23279-01 EISA/SYNC Communication Controller - NEW! (272296568469)
CISCO VCO 4K Summafour 20128750100 800-07723-01 series/20 Combined Controller IV (272495747494)
ADTX ArrayMasStor L AXRR-LH000F-FL FC-AL Controller Mod (272392312659)
EMC 4GB FC Controller Module P/N: 100-562-126 (272389794140)
SF-10/100-1550-SC-20 10/100Mb 1550T/1310R SM, SF, 20km, SC/PC internal P.S. NEW! (272391417598)
Ai-Logix Music Telecom MTP8PCI 8-port voice board - NEW! (222263227256)
IBM 26R0888 26R0883 6-PORT 4GB FIBRE Channel Switch Module for BladeCenter (272389794131)
RADVISION GW-N30 SIP Board for SCOPIA 3G Video Gateway - NEW (222264336724)
NetApp FAS250 110-00052 Controller with Battery & 256MB CF Card (272557085548)
LSI LOGIC 2822 series Storage System P11591-10-B FC-SATA Controller w/2x GBICs (222263124475)
Protech PROX-1720LFS-XDL SBC with 2.8GHz SL6FP CPU & 4-Port SATA Adapter (272068141087)
Tadiran Coral FDC 449134100 Floppy Disk Controller Circuit Card (221107728742)
Ashling Microsystems Opella-Arc-USB Advanced JTAG Interface Controller (222315397029)
Dot-Hill SANnetII 200 A209738 L2-MAIN-FCB2 Controller w/2 GBIC (222263123516)
Trenton Tech 92-505498-XXX 20-Slot Backplane Board (16xISA, 1xBP, 3xPCI) - NEW! (222264336705)
Dialogic MSI/80PCI Global Eight Port Analog Board NIB! (222176713758)
ECI System Controller / CPU Module MCPU w/32MB Expantion Baord SDR32 (222263115054)
SP-C1A Keyboard / Controller with NA PA, Cables & Manual - NEW! (272393189514)
Intel NGFF EXTENDER General Version Board (222263223522)
Trenton Tech 92-006147-XXX BackPlane SYSTEM BOARD 14xPCI, 1xBP, 1xAGP (271322381688)
ASSET 3V/5V JTAG Boundary-Scan Controller Pod (SUMMIT-510/PCI) (272392535464)
ALIX Videomedia ALIX V-LAN Video Device Controller (272393983012)
Ellips Rio Ver 2.0 High Performance PCI Frame Grabber (222262892380)
NetApp FAS270 Controller Module 111-00046 w/Battery, Memory 107-00010 & CF card (221110297247)
EMC CX3-20 Storage Processor 2GB P/N 100-562-143 / 046-002-853 - NEW out of box! (222176691236)
EMC CX3-20 Storage Processor, P/N: 100-562-143 - NEW in box! (222175497347)
MOTOROLA MVME 162-523A 01-W39608B Embedded Controller Module * (271596286452)
LSI LOGIC 1077201 DF4000R 256MB CONTROLLER (272389789586)
Cisco VCO/4K VCO NBC3 IV K Network Bus Controller NEW (272390219317)
PHILIPS Controller ORU-16X-TA 2557-243490 (222261398255)
LSI Logic ENGENIO 5884 Disk Array Controller (OEM Storagetek D280) 348-0045906 (272390219336)
Vertex Antenna Drive / controller 7133 (220V) (272389794163)
BARCO COMMUNICATION SIRIUS V9523320 CHASSIS w/8x RF QAM Modulator Quantum RF 48V (272390219284)
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