Square D Soft Start 8660 Mk002 2619940c 230v 200hp 460v 400hp Used

Square D Soft Start 8660 Mk002 2619940c 230v 200hp 460v 400hp Used

  • Price: 4,250.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Used
  • Item ships from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Product weight: 150 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Square D 8660 MK002
  • Sold by: cnjsurplus · This seller has received 4,890 ratings (99.70% Positive)
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Siemens Contactor 3TH80 22-0A 264V Coil 10A 600V Used (282292684817)
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AEG Contactor LS 07 16A 600V Used (272492417348)
Siemens Sirius Contactor 3RT1016-1AB02 24V Coil 20A 600V Used (292596619906)
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Allen-Bradley Starter 100-A09NZ*3/193-A1F1 24VDC Coil Trip: 3.7-12A 9A 600V Used (273473540225)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-A18NZ*3 24VDC Coil 18A 600V Used (292737671134)
Copeland Contactor 012-3075-01 104-120V Coil 75A Used (292724775891)
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Square D Heaters B6.90 *Lot of 3* New Surplus (282590432381)
Siemens Contactor 42FE35AF106 120V Coil *Missing Lug* *Broken Clips* Used (282489281111)
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ABB Contactor A63-30 120V Coil 90A 600V w/Aux Contact Used (292671505432)
ABB Contactor A50-30 120V Coil 80A 600V Used (273359540731)
Allen-Bradley Starter 100C23*10/193-EEDB 110V Coil 30A 600V Trip: 3.2-16A Used (292051654286)
Furnas Contactor 42GE35AG106 120V Coil Used (272049986993)
Eaton / Cutler-Hammer Reversing Starter AN56BN0 18A size 0 Used (281555374495)
Cutler-Hammer Motor Starter A307RN CE12BNC310 Range: 2.8-4A Used (281528558305)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-B110N*3 110A 600V 240V Coil Used (282483901286)
Westinghouse Manual Motor Starter MST01AH 1P nema 3,4,5 Enclosure New Surplus (271664710496)
Telemecanique Reversing Contactor LC1 D40 11 120V Coil 60A 600V Used (273423445112)
ABB 2 Speed Contactor A40-30-01 120V Coil 60/50A 600V Used (283089806846)
Benshaw Size 4 Contactor RSC-150 100-240VAC/100-220VDC Coil 210A 600V Used (283096996092)
Westinghouse Size 2 Contactor A201K2CW 240V Coil 45A Used (273418354044)
GE Size 0 Enclosed Starter CR306B102 115-120V Coil 3P New Surplus (282360865081)
Westinghouse Size 1 Contactor A200M1CR 27A 120/240V Coil 600V Used (283069368333)
GE Starter CR7CE CR7G1TM 7-10A Trip 120V Coil Used (291295186093)
Westinghouse Aux Contact Kit W22 2NO & 2NC *No Box* New Surplus (292726019825)
ABB Contactor EH 175 120V Coil 190A 600V *Chipped Side* Used (292489992222)
ABB Enclosed Starter A5053-84DH 208V Coil 60Hz 3Ph 52A Used (282197868274)
Allen-Bradley Reversing Starter 104-C09D22 25A 600V 120V Coil Trip:1.6-2.5A Used (282660900140)
Westinghouse Aux Contact Kit W22 2NO & 2NC New Surplus (283158316036)
GE Enclosed Starter CR3061A104 Size 00 480V Coil 3P Nema 1 Enclosure New Surplus (281301814190)
Square D 8536SBO2H20S Size 0 Contactor Starter In Enclosure (281101811494)
Westinghouse Size 0 Starter A200M0CAC 120V Coil 18A 600V Used (273457988778)
Benshaw Contactor RSC-220 100-240VAC/100-220VDC Coil 275A 600V Used (282891452131)
Square D Starter 8536 E0-1 120V Coil 100A 600V Used (281854643503)
Furnas ESP100 Size 1 Starter 14DS+32A*/48ASD3M20 600V 27A 120V Coil Trip 2.5-10A (292077604146)
Allen-Bradley Enclosed Size 2 Starter 709CAA 120V Coil Used (292033779669)
Siemens 14CP32BF81 Heavy Duty Motor Starter w/ Bi-Metal Overload New Surplus (281064871107)
Furnas Enclosed Starter 14BP32BC Size 00 Coil 240/480V 3Ph Nema 1 New Surplus (281300910225)
ABB Reversing Contactor B50 120V Coil 65A 600V w/ (2) Aux Contacts Used (292161330862)
Cutler-Hammer Contactor C832KN9 200A 120V Coil Used (282178201062)
SQ D 8536SBG2V84CF10F10F4P1TX11 SIZE 0 NEMA 1 Starter Enclosure (281118427603)
Square D Starter 8536SBG1V80CFF4P42TX11 Size 0 New Surplus (282693361807)
Allen-Bradley Size 2 Starter 702COB92 50A 600V 120V Coil Used (292065276250)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-D115 120V Coil 220A 600V Used (272593814347)
Westinghouse Contact Kit WCK23 Size 2 3P New Surplus (283158242053)
US Motors Ultra Torq 1 Soft Start Controller US1-B 230/460V 2.3-34A 50/60 Used (273123736548)
Square D Size 0 Enclosed Starter w/ Motor Logic Overload 120V Coil 600V New (282922057779)
Westinghouse Powermiser 2 Soft Start PM2-BL 2.5-34FLA 230/460V Model 3 (291165486714)
Cutler-Hammer Contactor CE15LN3 Size L 120V Coil 85A 600V Used (281854767514)
Square D Size 2 Starter 8536 SD01V02 120V Coil 3Ph 3P New Surplus (273381983187)
Allen-Bradley Starter 190-A40*/190-P010 120V Coil 600V Trip: 10-14A Used (273371420455)
Cutler-Hammer Reversing Contactor CE15MN3 120V Coil 105A 600V w/(2) Aux Contacts (292142528409)
Allen-Bradley Contactor 100-D250 130V Coil 300A 600V Used (292653978257)
Siemens Enclosed Starter SXLFO Size 4 120V Coil w/Control Transformer nema 1 Enc (281434725898)
Square D Enclosed Starter w/Current Transformer 8536SFG1V02S Size 4 120V Coil (271600885933)
Allen-Bradley SMC Plus Soft Start 150-A97NBD 75HP 120/240V Control 208-480V Ln (292111582639)
Siemens Combination Size 1 Circuit Breaker 50A 3P, New in Box!!! (281080554167)
Square D Fusible Combination 8538SEG13V02S Size 3 100A 120V Coil Used (281597132774)
GE Overload Heater CR123C301A w/Mounting Screws "Box of 63" New Surplus (291805665542)
Allen-Bradley AC Drive 20G11ND014AA0NNNNN 10HP 3Ph Used (292657552561)
GE Starter With Enclosure CR306F10200AAADA, Size 4 115-120V Coil, New Surplus (281080417484)
Allen-Bradley SMC-2 Enclosed Soft Start 150-A16JB 16A 380/480V Nema 12 Enclosure (271515317942)
Eaton Fusible Combination ECN1831CHG Size 3 120V Coil nema 1 Enc. New Surplus (271900046012)
Cutler-Hammer Combination ECN2431CJG, Size 3 Non-Fusible 100A, New Surplus (281075202405)
Allen-Bradley Centerline 2100 Size 1 FVNR MCC Bucket 2100U-WLFLS47/11 (281056149158)
GE Vacuum Contactor CR193B110L005041U 400A 7.2KV Used (281953598123)
Allen-Bradley MCC Bucket Centerline 2100 Size 1 FVNR 2100U-WLFLS47/20 (281056156523)
Allen-Bradley MCC Bucket Centerline 2100 Size 1 FVNR 2100U-WLFLS47/13 (281056167861)
Siemens 3RW2 Soft Start 3RW2-NO45 460V 3Ph 60Hz Used (281354984286)
Eaton Reduced Voltage Soft Starter S811+U50N3S 400HP 500A 600V 3Ph 47-63Hz Used (283082094896)
GE 3R Fusible Combination CR408F6**R21AAAAA Size 4 460-480V Coil nema 3R Enc. (281597070450)
Eaton Soft Start 5811T24N3S 200HP 240A 600V 3Ph 47-63Hz Used (272770380080)
Allen-Bradley Soft Start w/ Starter 150-A360NBD 300HP 100-B300N*3 w/ 120V Coil (281358955442)
Allen-Bradley Soft Start 150-B180NBDB 150HP 180A 208-480V 3Ph 47-63Hz Used (292351027034)
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