Genuine Cisco Sfp Transceiver Module Sfp-ge-t Ext 30-1421-01

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CISCO, ONS-SC-OSC-ULH, WOTRBK9BAA, ONS 15454 OC3/STM1/FE 10-2469-01 (255018310171)
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Finisar FTLF1323P1BTR OC-3 IR -1/STM S -1.1 SFP (265237969094)
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Cisco ONS-SE-155-1510, WMOTCRNAAB, 10-1999-03 (264707421480)
Cisco 10Gbps 10GBase-DWDM OC-192/STM-64 Single-mode 50km 1551.72nm 10-2526-01 (254811584113)
Infinera TOM-10G-SFPP-SR1 130-0261-002 SFP+10G 1310nm 10km FTLX1472M3BCL-NF (265198317421)
Juniper Networks XFP-10G-L-OC192-SR1 LR XFP Transceiver 1310nm 740-031833 (264862181357)
Gigamon QSF-502 40GBase-SR4 40GBE QSFP+ 100M 850nm MMF Transceiver FTL410QE3C-GM (255202006943)
EDGE-CORE ET6401-SR4 40-Gbps QSFP+ Optical Transceiver Module (264844676375)
HP 455886-B21 Bladesystem 455888-001 456097-001 10Gb SFP+ LR 1310nm 10km (255116365249)
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