New Open Box Cisco C9300-24u-e 24 Ethernet Ports, Network Essentials Upoe Switch

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  • Condition: Open box
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  • Brand/Model: Cisco C9300-24U-E
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WS-C3850-24P-E w/ 1 x C3850-NM-4-1G, 4 x GLC-SX-MMD LIFETIME WARRANTY (264727982090)
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Cisco WS-C3750X-48P-L Gigabit PoE Switch LAN Base 715W AC 3750X • 1YR WARRANTY (262867089619)
Cisco WS-C3750X-24S-E Catalyst 3750X 24 Port GE SFP IP Services - Warranty (264299565315)
NEW Cisco WS-C3850-24U-S 24 Port Ethernet UPOE Switch 1100WAC PWR 3850 IP Base (262719683906)
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