Durham 14 Gauge Formed Steel Storage Cabinet Shelf,48x24, Fdc-sh-4824-95, Gray

Durham 14 Gauge Formed Steel Storage Cabinet Shelf,48x24, Fdc-sh-4824-95, Gray

  • Price: 63.75 USD
  • Avaibility: 4 available
  • Condition: New
  • Item ships from: Minooka, Illinois · Get it in 2 days
  • Brand/Model: DURHAM FDC-SH-4824-95
  • UPC: 714334055017
  • Sold by: grainger · This seller has received 14,296 ratings (99.60% Positive)
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Durham FDC-SH-4824-95, Extra Shelf for 48" x 24" Steel Cabinets

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JUSTRITE Aerosol Can Disposal with Counter, 28230 (253826533694)
DURHAM Bin Cab,Louvered/Shelving,78"H,48"W,24"D, JC-137-3S-95, Gray (252988352685)
HALLOWELL Combo Wardrobe Cab,78"H,48"W,Charcoal, HW4CC8478-4CL (252988703835)
DURHAM Bin Cabinet,Louvered,78"H,60"W,24"D, SSC-227-NL-95, Gray (252988675832)
HALLOWELL Shelving Cabinet,78" H,60" W,Charcoal, HW4SC0478-4CL (252988703748)
NEWSTRIPE 3 Can Aerosol Can Disposal System, 10004721 (253831148106)
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JOBOX Mobile Cab Bench,Steel,49-7/8"W,26-7/8"D, 678990, Brown (252988969442)
HALLOWELL Shelving Cabinet,78" H,48" W,Charcoal, HW4VSC8478-4CL (252988610755)
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KNAACK Mobile Cabinet Bench,Steel,62" W,32" D, Tan (252988566330)
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