Yokogawa Aip827 C2l315601-1111 Operation Keyboard 220-240vac 20va 50/60hz New

Yokogawa Aip827 C2l315601-1111 Operation Keyboard 220-240vac 20va 50/60hz New

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Bailey 4-20mA XMTR ASSY Printed Circuit Board 6633390A2 Used (262887493041)
Reliance Automate Input Card - Printed Circuit Board - 230VAC/DC 0-52711-3 New (262944720369)
Siemens 6XX1002 (E550MA-W751-D2-A) 24-pin Hybrid Extender Card Good Cond (262887800161)
Siemens Simatic Prufadapter 6XX1011 (C74334-A83-A1) 48-pin Extender Card New (252805072107)
ABB BBC GJR2-1553-00-R1 Signal Unit Printed Circuit Board UT335-A-E Good (252883908468)
ISSC D.16.09.053 Rev J Driver Card - 300-DRI D.16.12.213 Rev E - Circuit Board (252805071895)
Pepperl & Fuchs VAA-4EA-KF2-ZE/E2 Interface Sensor Actuator 87526 - New (253583617179)
Giddings & Lewis 502-02814-08 DC Input Module 24VDC 501-03202-00 - Good Used (253518883667)
Toshiba 2N3A2208-C Printed Circuit Board New (262946465535)
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Square D SY/MAX Class 8005 Type DN-216 Series A1 16 Function DC Input Module New (252770592841)
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Giddings & Lewis 502-02960-01 AC Output Module - Good Used (263569058979)
Allen-Bradley 1746-IN16 Digital Input Card Module Series C SLC 500 New (263503828049)
Reliance Automate 31C43 Programmable Controller Input Card 230VAC/DC New Sealed (252881057940)
Baldor EXB003A05 Isolated Input Expansion Board In: 115VAC New Sealed (252886444876)
Reliance Automate 31C60A Printed Circuit Card 52712 Auto 31 115VAC New Sealed (252881058034)
ABB BBC GJR2-1555-00-R1 Printed Circuit Board DT322-AR New Sealed (252883908691)
Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7-321-1BL00-0AA0 Digital Input Module New (262814299781)
Toshiba ARNI-863A LPB Relay 2N3A2226-B Printed Circuit Board M706403FC0001 New (252884874441)
Siemens 6ES7-331-7KF02-0AB0 Simatic S7 Input Module SM331 AI 8x12BIT - Good (263791715244)
ISSC IPC 320B I/O Chassis (Rack) with Motherboard Serial 42 New (252731454280)
Allen-Bradley 1784-NI4 Analog Input Card Module Series A SLC 500 New (253434565694)
Mobil Elektronik SLC-019-115 Circuit Board Module - Hencon 633560700 New (262946464622)
ABB AE45-22-00 Contactor 600V 65A 4-pole 1SBL339501R8600 New (252884453624)
Toshiba ARNI-862A LPB Relay 3N3A0103-B2 Printed Circuit Board M706403FC0001 New (262946712108)
AEG Modicon AS-B826-032 24VDC Output Module Card - Good (252884454409)
Siemens 6ES7-231-0HC22-0XA0 Simatic S7 Input Module EM231 AI4x12Bit - Good (253725500012)
PEM Fountain Co 106 Wind Control 1971 Series New (263503919083)
Generator Control PCBs - CBC-4S-1 3-phase SME (New) RG89361/5 CBC-4S-P CBC-4S-D (253572828167)
Schneider ABE7-R16S212 Output Module 16-channel Modicon - New (253694345572)
Siemens Milltronics PBD-51034981 Circuit Board Card 1PPBD51034981 New Sealed (252760571957)
Square D SY/MAX Class 8005 Type MP-24 Series A1 Memory Pack 4K E2 Prom 72086 New (252770592920)
Sick DRS60-EDA01024 Encoder New (262725128927)
Siemens SED-31 Diode Insert C74103-A1900-A351 Teleperm 110V 88A 60V 90C New (252804963172)
Siemens 6FX1124-6AA02 I/O Drive Module Board 548.246.9201.10 - Clean Used (263569059435)
Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7-322-1BL00-0AA0 Digital Ouput Module New (262814299814)
ABB IMDSI22 Input Module Printed Circuit Board Sealed (262946464152)
Schneider 140DA084000 - AC Out 24 - 230V 16 X 1 - 112697 - New Sealed (252884455535)
Square D 8030RIM121 Analog Input Module Series F Rev 2 75122-511-50 SY/MAX - New (263569058845)
ABB BBC GJR2-2420-00-R1 Printed Circuit Board Relay LR370-RE Very Clean (252883911713)
Allen-Bradley 1784-KT Communication Interface Card Module Series B 96058888 New (263503828868)
Simplex SFIO Printed Circuit Board 565-737 New (252804799703)
SEW MC07A005-2B1-4-00 Frequency Inverter In: 200..240V 50..60Hz 8.5A New (262887800106)
Rexroth R909890144 Amplifier Card Module PVR-12F/11 371857 Hencon 633116000 New (253720488673)
Schneider 170AAIO3000 I/O Base Analog 8-ch Diff Input TSX Momentum 114768 New (262946464858)
Hunter Transformer HU-22175 3ph 1000VA Pri: 415V 1.4A Sec: 240V 2.4A New (262946710895)
ABB BBC GJR2-2376-00-R1 Printed Circuit Board DT370A Very Good Very Clean (252883908895)
ABB IMDSO14 Symphony Analog Output Module 5VDC 370mA Bailey New (262946464057)
Allen-Bradley 1771-OW Selectable Contact Output Module - Qty 5 - Good Used (253434565287)
Panalarm 70AF16HS Card - 24VDC - urgent / non-urgent - Qty 12 - Good Used (253434653241)
Allen-Bradley 1771-A4B 16-slot I/O Chassis 5VDC 24A - Excellent condition (253644923545)
Allen-Bradley 1747-L524 SLC-500 Processor Unit CPU 4K User Memory FRN-6 New (252804826307)
Schneider Modicon AS-BADU-205 Analog Input TSX Compact - New (252884456726)
Weidmuller 7940011623 Interface Device Display AMS400A/4-20mA/CC/240VAC/AO New (252883696492)
Yokogawa ADV551-DO32 (Qty 2) and ADV151-DI32 (Qty 3) PLC PCB Modules - New (263866787415)
Advantech Touchscreen Operator Interface FPM-3150-TVE(?) 3902A736 New (262842491422)
Siemens AOP30 Operator Panel 6SL3055-0AA00-4CA5 24VDC 200mA Sinamics New (262946465495)
Allen-Bradley 1785-OFE2 Analog Output Module Series B Rev B - Good Used (253434565966)
Modicon AS-B827-032 24VDC 32pt Module New (262946464664)
ABB INNIS01 Rev E.6 Symphony Interface Module +/-15VDC 10VA New (262946464199)
Omron C60P-EDR-A I/O Unit 12x9 Source: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 60VA In: 24VDC 7MA New (263620328896)
ABB 1MRB150083R1/E Printed Circuit Board 216EA62 - 1MRB300162R0008 - New (262944702039)
Siemens Simatic S7 ET200S Profibus-DP IM151-1 PME 4-DI 2-AI-HF 4-DO Qty of 14 (263791714682)
Forney RM-IDD Amplifier 35831701 Extremely Good Condition (262887489367)
Uticor 76561-16 Rev C Programmable Message Display 115/230V 50/60Hz 0.3/.15A New (252804996387)
Modicon Schneider AS-P451-581 Remote IO Processor and Power Supply 220V 50Hz 5A (252760460654)
ABB 3BHB006717R0221 Synchrotact 5 SYN-5100A-Z, V221 New (262944701622)
ABB HIEE305106R0001 Firing Board (for Frequency Inverter) UNS-0017A-P:V1 - New (262944701694)
ISSC IPC 300 90-300B I/O Interface Unit 115/220V 47-63Hz New (252731454910)
Yokogawa PSCAIAAN CAI Critical Analog input Module ProSafe-PLC 24VDC 300mA New (252881017017)
Allen-Bradley 1785-LT2 PLC-5/25 Processor Module Series A 5VDC 2.5A New (253434596384)
Vega VegaFlex 62 FX62XXAG01HKMAX Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter 4..20mA New (252731327311)
Allen-Bradley 1771-OM Output Module 220/240VAC/DC 1.5A New (262887514080)
Allen-Bradley 1784-PKTX Communication Interface Card Module Series B New (253434565739)
MTU Friedrichshafen X00E-5020-0176 SAM Connection Interface Detroit Diesel - New (253572759277)
ABB 54339-31 Memory Board 801418-14A New (262946463957)
ABB 54339-8 Program System Memory Board 801420-17 New (262946463997)
Tekron TCG01-D:09.010 Timecode Generator GPS Clock 12-36VDC New (262842491339)
Siemens Simatic S7 6ES7-153-3AA01-0XB0 Interface Module (DP Slave Conn) New (262814299735)
GE Fanuc A06B-6079-H106 9.1kW New (253153506810)
GE Fanuc A06B-6102-H222 #520 25.2kW Repaired (253153506714)
ISSC IPC 320-C2C Remote I/O Power Supply 115V 50Hz New (262814673872)
ABB INNPM12 Rev F.1 Symphony Network Process Module +5VDC 10W New (252884454187)
Fisher Controls DVC-2000 Digital Valve Controller Actuator 100psi 30mA 30VDC New (262842464322)
Sick DMT10-1111 Distance Measuring Device 06180011A DC 18..30V New (262725213980)
Bailey IMPCC01 INFI 90 Prog. Contr. Coupler Module +5VDC 10W New but tested (262946464458)
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