Alexandra Nechita "miss Switzerland" Signed Numbered W/original Coa, Rare Piece

Alexandra Nechita "miss Switzerland" Signed Numbered W/original Coa, Rare Piece

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Michael Atkinson"Untitled/ Vail" Ski, Mountain with Custom Frame Hand Signed (372165835604)
Guillaume Azoulay "Aifuscule" 2001Hand Signed Etching buffalo hunt Submit Offer! (281061466385)
Guillaume Azoulay "The Old Guard" etching elephant Hand Signed L@@K! (360480295479)
Frank Howell "Moon Whisper" Hand Signed 1989 Lithograph Art L@@K! MAKE OFFER (281124173449)
Marco Sassone View With Bay Bridge 1987 Hand Signed Art SUBMIT AN OFFER (250182118333)
Guillaume Azoulay Fugue HAND SIGNED Original Intaglio Etching SUBMIT YOUR OFFER! (370192739453)
Arkhipov "Enchanted Evening" romantic ski trip, champagne, Russia MAKE OFFER! (361680202535)
Larry Fodor "Kiasax St I " Hand Signed Hand Colored Make an Offer! (281274184867)
Dario Campanile "Martini Affair 2" Hand Signed Giclee Paper, shoes, SUBMIT OFFER (360593663504)
Viktor Shvaiko London For Two on Canvas Europe HS (370393115686)
Rembrandt "Card Player" custom Framed & COA MAKE AN OFFER L@@K! (371701462779)
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Pablo Picasso "Scene Familiale"Family Scene, B.370 Hand signed Original linocut (282813024251)
Salvador Dali "Caprices De Goya" Complete 80 piece Art Suite $508,000 Authentic (281071230772)
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