White Chalcedony and Diamond Wide Ring in 18k Rose Gold 1.85 ctw - HM1775

White Chalcedony and Diamond Wide Ring in 18k Rose Gold 1.85 ctw - HM1775

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Item ships from La Jolla CA USA

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BEAUDRY Five Stone Round Diamond Band Ring in Platinum - HM1815 (322581662057)
4 Row Wide Diamond Band Ring in 18k Yellow Gold TW 5.00 ct --HM1897 (253390997347)
3-Stone Diamond Ring with Old Cut Rounds and Baguette Diamonds TW 3.66 ct -HM747 (321621752868)
3.61 Cts Diamond Dome Ring w/ twisted Rope Accents in 18k Yellow Gold - HM1506 (321678057079)
Wide Diamond Band Ring with Rounds and Baguettes TW 3.40 ct 18k YG - HM1413 (252159222125)
Wide Pave Diamond Band in Platinum TW 2.90 ct - HM1666 (231990494266)
HAMILTON Platinum Diamond Eternity Band 3.75 cts Rounds 6.11mm Sz 7 - HM1340 (253022688991)
2.53 cts Diamond Tiara Cocktail Ring in 18k Yellow Gold - HM1717 (232078339062)
1.62 ct Cognac Pear Shape Diamond in Ballerina Mounting 18K White Gold -HM1349 (321452677845)
5.00 carats Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band in 18K White Gold - HM1846 (232458223654)
ZORAB AMETHYST MULTI-GEM RING IN 18k Yellow Gold - HM737 (252239250429)
Emerald cut Diamond Ring with Round Diamonds 2.70 ctw Set in Platinum-HM1773 (322417828985)
Heart-Shape Diamond Ring with Rounds and Baguettes TW 3.62 ct Plat/18k - HM1773 (322417821562)
7.50 ct Three part Diamond Dome Ring in 18k Yellow Gold VS Diamonds- HM1424 (231721882432)
Wide Domed Baguette and Round Diamond Ring TW 5.00 ct in 18k WG - HM1669 (232096814492)
Large Diamond Dome Ring 6.00 cttw in 18k White Gold Sz 9.5 -- HM1850 (232478151933)
Diamond Pave Dome Ring 12.00 ct TW in 18k White Gold - HM1454 (322820749795)
Square Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in Platinum - HM1846 (322668416449)
J-VS1 GIA certified 2.32 ct Emerald Cut Diamond in Platinum Halo Setting -HM1914 (232664814924)
Estate 5.00 carats Pave Dome Cocktail Ring in Platinum - HM1736 (232407290157)
Diamond and Sapphire Three Stone Ring VVS2-E GIA in Platinum - HM1773 (252751149523)
PALMIERO Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Pave Ring in 18K Yellow Gold - HM1733 (232336986058)
D-VS1 GIA certified Cushion Cut 1.57 ct Diamond in Platinum Halo setting -HM1914 (253418793646)
3.06 Ct Marquise Diamond Ring with Marquise Side Diamonds in 18K YG - HM1773 (232233910618)
GIA 2.02 ct center Diamond Three Stone Ring in Platinum Setting - HM1879 (232564746458)
10.19 ct Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band in 18K White Gold Sz 6.75 - HM1809 (232452291786)
2.00 ct Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring - Plat-VVS1-F GIA and Tiffany Certs -HM1830 (253385777716)
Fancy Lt Yellow,VS2, GIA certified 7.75 ct Radiant Cut Diamond Plat Ring-HM1918 (232668210459)
Over 5 ct Pear Shape Center Diamond D-SI1 GIA in Plat Setting TW 12.00 ct - C300 (322601647992)
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