Brocade Ni-cer-2048f-ac 48-port Switch With Adv_svcs_prem License, Refurbished

Brocade Ni-cer-2048f-ac 48-port Switch With Adv_svcs_prem License, Refurbished

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Brocade SI-1216-4-SSL-PREM Switch with SI-1216-SSL-PREM Active Unlimited License (163650913397)
Extreme Networks 16175 X450-G2-48p-GE4-Base w/ 1x 10951 EDGE LICN (DAMAGED) (202905315618)
Brocade ICX6650-56E-ADV with ICX6650-10G-LIC-POD Capacity 24 ACTIVE LICENSE (163635486653)
Cisco AIR-CT8510-100-K9 Cisco 8500 Wireless Controller w/ 100 AP License Tested (203155679826)
Brocade BR-VDX6740T-64-ALLSW-F w/ 48x 10G +4x 40G ACTIVE PORTS+PORT UPGRADE LICN (202632818175)
Extreme Networks 16535 X440-G2-48P-10GE4 Switch with EDGE and DIRECT ATTACH (164428525099)
Brocade BR-VDX6720-60-R with 60x ACTIVE PORTS, POD 1&2, BASE, FABRIC LICENSES (202790094910)
Brocade BR-VDX6740-24-R with 10G_UPGRADE CPTY:60 + 40G_UPGRADE CPTY:40 + LICNs (163635486800)
Brocade NI-XMR-16-AC 16-Slot 16000 AC System with 2x NI-XMR-MR and 4x AC Power (202909699628)
Avaya AL3500A16-E6 ERS3549GTS-PWR+ 48 x 10/100/1000(PoE+) + 2x SFP,1x 10G Switch (202955068474)
Brocade FC4-16IP 16 Port ISCSI to Fiber Channel Blade (163610910510)
Brocade BR-VDX6940-36Q-AC-F Switch with 28x 40G ACTIVE PORTS + 10G & 40G LICENSE (163650913559)
Brocade ICX6610-24F-E 24-Port Switch with 8x 10G ACTIVE PORTS + 10G-LIC-POD LICN (202753315401)
Brocade FCOE10-24 24-Port Blade, PASSED TESTING (163619537274)
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