Us Sc#19 U/average, Pos 97l4, Doporto Cert., Curl On Shoulder Var., C.v. $10000

Us Sc#19 U/average, Pos 97l4, Doporto Cert., Curl On Shoulder Var., C.v. $10000

  • Price: 3,999.99 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Item ships from: Sarasota, Florida · Get it in 1 days
  • Product weight: 2 ounces
  • Sold by: suncoaststamp · This seller has received 33,903 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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US Sc#92 Used/F, "F" Grill Crowe Cert, No Faults, Cv. $425 (382484524647)
US Sc#24 Used/F-VF, Type Va Pos 44R5, Doporto Cert., Cv. $300 (222830101518)
*US Scott #191 Used FVF (381284221480)
US Scott #95 F-Grill Stamp, CV $900 (201215319762)
~ US Scott #36 Washington Stamp, Sound Beauty ~ (201140802782)
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US Sc#78B Used/F, Crowe Cert, Fancy "Four Point Star" Cancel, Cv. $425 (382484571806)
US Sc#135A Used/F-VF, "I" Grill Crowe Cert, Fancy Cancel, Cv. $325 (202335691707)
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US Sc#155 Used/VF+, Cv. $350 (202320816328)
US Scott #166 VF Sound Stamp With Grid Fancy Cancel (381281665835)
US Scott #151 VF Used 12c Banknote Sound Stamp CV $220 (221740792748)
US Sc#86 Used/F-VF, Crowe Cert, "E" Grill, No Faults, Cv. $400 (382484572820)
US Sc#147 Variety Used, "Kiss" Print, Scarce, Crowe Cert (382520789213)
$US Sc#7 used, average major cracked plate Pos 1L+2L, pair, Cv. $550+ (382462448482)
$US Sc#72 used, fine, light cancel, fault free, Cv. $575 (202235955622)
$US Sc#7 used/A Plate 4 Pos. 5R4, Doporto cert., Cv. $1000 (202180816901)
$US Sc#95 used, fine, sound F-Grill, red cancel, Cv. $900 (222404335973)
$US Sc#85b used, "Z" grill, Crowe Cert., faults, Cv. $1100 (222790842057)
US Scott #24 VF/XF Type Va Pos 60l5 With CERT (381098814533)
US, SC #100 "F" Grill Used, Avg/Fine 30c Franklin Stamp (201348785347)
$US SC#20 type II, used, VF-XF, Pos 8R12, CV. $275 (222020540912)
$US Sc#31 used/F-VF, stitch wmk, weiss Cert., reperfed at right, Cv. $1100+ (222978857658)
US Sc#20 Used/F, Pos 4L4, Doporto Cert., Perf. Repairs At Right, C.v. $1250 (202201920651)
$US Sc#100 used, average, split "F" grill, Crowe Cert. sound, Cv. $1000 (222790834762)
US Sc#22 Used/F, Pos 16L4, Doporto Cert., Corner Perf. Added UR, C.v. $450 (382358248558)
US Sc#18 Used/F, Pos 68R12, Sm. Thin, Doporto Cert., Cv. $500 (222809139093)
$US SC#7 plate 4, used, Pos 4R4, PF Cert., CV. $1200 (222020548396)
$US Sc#10a used, rare strip of 4, 76L2e-79L2e, 2 sm. tears, Cv. $1500++ (202291205162)
US Scott #100 F Grill, Nice Sound Stamp Clear Grill & Fancy Leaf Cancel (201046277076)
US Scott #100 Grill 30c Stamp, Partial Red Cancel Sound With Weiss CERT CV $1025 (201284240836)
US Scott #70b Steel Blue - 24c Washington CDS Cancel, Sound Stamp (191109346704)
US Sc#20 Used/F, Pair Pos 87R2, 97R2, Doporto Cert., C.v. $625 (202201922651)
Us Sc#24 Type Va Used, Strip Of 3 Pos 19-29-39L5, Crowe Cert, Cv. $900+ (222885907190)
$US SC#11a used Rare block, Tampa, FL CDS, vertical crease+tear+sm crease (381526311124)
$US Sc#17 var. used, Fine, part Indian paper, Pos. 25R, Crowe Cert., Cv. $1150 (382394067682)
$US Sc#24 U/F, type Va, Pos 21,22,23R5 Doporto Cert. rare strip of 3, Cv. $900++ (202267778429)
$US Sc#11a used/XF, experimental orange brown on piece, APS Cert., Cv. $300 (222789549873)
US Sc#20 Used/Average, Pos 2R4, Plate 4, Doporto Cert., C.v. $1250 (382358196803)
US Sc#144 Used/F-VF, "H" Grill, Crowe Cert, Cv. $2250 (382562541002)
$US SC#86 used, Fine, Rare double grill, one split, CV. $1050, PSE Cert (201596129926)
US Scott #118 PSE Cert F/VF Black Cork & Red Cancels, Fault Free Stamp CV $800 (201257606400)
$US Sc#85e used, fine, "Z" grill, PSAG Cert., rare, Cv. $2400 (222757452778)
$US SC#7 Pos. 23L2 used, VF-XF, Big crack Var., Psag Cert, CV. $800 (222019768382)
US Sc#28 Used/F-VF, Nice Stamp! Tiny Thin Speck LL, Cv. $1150 (222930414901)
US Scott #95 XF F Grill 5c Jefferson Stamp, SON Target Cancel CV $2200 SOUND (201485096071)
US Sc#7 Used VF, Rare POS. 10R1E Doporto Cert. 2mm Crease At Bottom, Cv. $2000 (382349728297)
US Sc#84 Used/A-F, "D" Grill, Crowe Cert, Cv. $4250 (223141086316)
**US, SC# 112-122, Complete Used Set, Some Small Faults (201521323130)
$US Sc#7 RARE, used, F-VF, Doporto Certs, sm. faults, Cv. $2400++ (382350794945)
$US SC#22,21,21 used, fine-VF, Rare strip of 3 with cert, CV. $4750 (222019765101)
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