Littelfuse 0311035.h 32v 35a Fast Acting Fuse ***new*** 5/pkg

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  • Brand/Model: Littelfuse 0311035.H
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MURATA LQN1A Series INDUCTOR 100nH Size 1206 5% SMD **NEW** Qty.100 (192073882090)
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PULSE P1171.142 1.4µH Shielded Wirewound Inductor 11A 4.2 mOhm Max Nonstandard (201725762435)
COOPER UP3T-330 33 uH Unshielded Wirewound Inductor 2.4A 72 mOhm Max Qty.1 (202879485073)
COOPER UP3T-470 47 uH Unshielded Wirewound Inductor 1.9A 111.7 mOhm Max Qty.1 (202879490456)
COOPER UP3T-150 15 uH Unshielded Wirewound Inductor 3.9A 35 mOhm Max Qty.1 (202879467329)
TOKO 622LY-390K Type 8RHB FIXED INDUCTOR 39UH 1.14A ***NEW*** Qty.2 (190840267828)
COOPER UP1B-1R0 Fixed Inductor 1uH 4.4A 17.7Mohm SMD **NEW** 1/PKG (191731979137)
COOPER UP3B-331 Power Inductor 330uH 0.75A SMD **NEW** (201035538579)
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TDK PQ40/40 Ferrite Core Coil Former **NEW** Qty.1 (191326975343)
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TDK EF1311S-552Y0R2-01 Single Phase EMI Filter **NEW** Qty.5 (203075268371)
FAIR-RITE 2506031027Y0 EMI Filter Bead 1000 (1K) Ohm 300mA 0603 SMD NEW Qty.100 (191582718410)
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