Qty: Cisco Bpx-bxm-155-4d Smf-155-4-bc Oc3/stm1 8600

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  • Condition: Used/good working condition
  • Item ships from: Pompano Beach, Florida · Get it in 1 days
  • Brand/Model: Cisco BXM-155-4D
  • Sold by: telecomguy · This seller has received 1,065 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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Lucent NS20N200DL PSAX1250/2300 CPU Module PSAX 300134715 (123141714074)
Lucent LAA21 OHCTL S2:4 SNPQAHFAAC FT-2000 OVHD CONTR (202467948739)
Lucent AEK36B S1:2 DS1 INTFC2 DMCBAR0GXX DDM-1000 DS1 Interface2 CP (202468013559)
Lucent AEK36B S1:3 DS1 INTFC2 DMCBAR0GAB DDM-1000 DS1 Interface2 CP (202468011435)
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