20pcs Tlo72c Tl07zc Tl072c Tl072cdr Sop8 Ic Chip

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  • Condition: New
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  • Brand/Model: TL072CDR
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1x Used XB61949-005 X86I949-005 X861949-O05 X861949-0O5 X861949-005 BGA Chip (274404005518)
1x New G73HNB1 G73-H-N-B1 BGA IC Chip (194240209859)
1 Piece New NI4E-GE-W-A2 N14E-6E-W-A2 N14EGEWA2 N14E-GE-W-A2 BGA Chip (194301931276)
1 Bottle Senju Soldering Solder Repair Leaded Sparkle Paste 500g Sn63/Pb37 (403245397549)
2pcs PIC18F262O-I/SO PIC18F2620-1/SO PIC18F2620-I/S0 PIC18F2620-I/SO SOP28 IC (402991504209)
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1 Piece Used MT5566 MT5566G MT5566GQ MT5566GQV MT5566GQVT BGA IC Chip (274468852995)
1x New K4G4I325FE-HC25 K4G41325FEHC25 K4G41325FE-HC25 FBGA170 IC Chip (403141117939)
1x Used NI3P-GS-A2 N13P-6S-A2 N13P-G5-A2 N13PGSA2 N13P-GS-A2 BGA Chip (274404139219)
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