Ptzoptics Pt-producerplus-add20x Producer Plus Live Stream Additional Camera Kit

Ptzoptics Pt-producerplus-add20x Producer Plus Live Stream Additional Camera Kit

  • Price: 2,197.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 15 available
  • Condition: New
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  • Brand/Model: PTZOptics PT-PRODUCERPLUS-ADD20X
  • UPC: 737993160359
  • Sold by: bzbexpress · This seller has received 78,576 ratings (99.90% Positive)
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SavvyTech Security HNC3V341R-IR-ZS 4MP Dome Camera/2.7-13.5mm/IP67/164ft IR (401527399773)
LTS CMIP9382NW-28M Platinum Matrix IR Bullet Network IP Camera 4K/2.8mm (192684742271)
LTS CMIP9382NW-M Platinum Matrix IR Bullet Network IP Camera 4K/2.8mm (192684741577)
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Securitytronix IP-NP112-OD 2MP Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera/Outdoor (201959812857)
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Avipas AV-1070 2.07MP Full HD 1080p 12x Optical Zoom Camera w 3G-SDI/LAN Outputs (192553932851)
Aida GEN3G-200 3G-SDI/HDMI Full HD Genlock Camera (202253974272)
Datavideo BC-50 HD-SDI Block camera with Ethernet (401394037489)
DAHUA N84BL44 4K/8 MP IR Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera/4 mm Lens (401470542264)
Hikvision DS-2DE5220IW-AE 2MP H264 Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera/20X Optical Zoom (401544895736)
Aida UHD6G-200 UHD 4K/30 6G-SDI EFP/POV Camera (401504323028)
PTZOptics PT20X-ZCAM 2MP 1080p HD-SDI Box Camera (202465110690)
Hikvision DS-2CD6026FHWD-A11 2MP/1080p Box Cam/DarkFighter/11-40mm/H264/WDR/ABF (202296924504)
Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS8P 2MP Bullet Camera/8-32mm/WDR/Smart Heater/P-Iris (401470536110)
SWIT AV-1360 2MP HD PTZ Video Conference Camera 20x Zoom HDMI/HD-SDI Outputs (401356749748)
ClearView PhoenixViewPlus-08-4D 8-Ch NVR Complete Kit w 4 IP 1.3 MP Cameras (202102194697)
6 Mega-Pixel 360 degree Fisheye Dome Camera with POE (192291641514)
SonazTech HIPP-NP302-OD 2Mp Full HD 20x Network PTZ Dome Camera (401394037490)
ClearView HD2-PTZ-20X-IR 2MP (PTZ) HD-AVS Pan Tilt Zoom 20x Optical Camera (401435133214)
Aida UHD6G-X12L FULL 4K/UHD HDMI 1.4 and 6G-SDI 12X Zoom EFP/POV Camera (192477428417)
Aida PTZ3-X20L 3G-SDI/HDMI Full HD Broadcast PTZ Camera/20X Optical Zoom (192477428221)
SonazTech TVIPTZ-AP313-IR 2MP Full HD 1080P 30X Zoom TVI IR PTZ Dome Camera (202102194815)
Hikvision DS-2DF5276-AEL 1.30M/720P Outdoor PTZ Camera/H264/30X Optical Zoom (192417275525)
Datavideo BC-80 2.0MP HDMI/HD-SDI Block camera with 30x zoom (401394037552)
ClearView PantherView5-16-08D 16-Ch HD-AVS DVR Kit/8 Dome 1080P Cameras w 2TB (202102194770)
Bolin Technology SD522B4K-RNAP 4K PTZ IP Dome Camera 22X Optical Zoom with POE (202102194973)
AJA RovoCam Integrated 4K/HD Camera with HDBaseT (201621711795)
DAHUA 52C430UNI 4 MP 30x Zoom In-ceiling PTZ Network Camera/4.5mm-135mm (192417295554)
Bolin Technology SD530SHD-S-RSNAPW Dual PTZ 30X SDI+IP Wiper Security Dome Cam (401454250518)
Bolide BN1009/IRPTZ-3.0 Full HD 1080P IR IP PTZ Camera/BNC/Audio/Alarm/22X Zoom (202465110879)
PTZOptics PT-PRODUCERPLUS-12X Producer 12X Live Streaming Kit w 1x 12X-SDI Cam (202465110635)
DAHUA 6AE830VNI 4K 30x Zoom IR PTZ Network Camera/6mm-180mm (202172802138)
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