Varian KU Band 2.2kW K-HPA GEN III Klystron Satcom RF Power Transmitter VZU-2701

Varian KU Band 2.2kW K-HPA GEN III Klystron Satcom RF Power Transmitter VZU-2701

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Miteq D-3901/35392 C-Band 4GHz Downconverter 70 MHz (263409985425)
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Kaiser Marquardt Custom Burn In Load Bank Rackmount Fixture TFX 5513/5514-2 (263423304466)
MaxSys Programmable Load Bank CCA 465-1082 (152866311610)
ARG 2400 Series G703 Protection Switch (2400-EQ49K-BOM) (152857270784)
ARG 2400 Series G703 Protection Switch (2402-EQ49K-BOM) (152857271238)
3dbm Plugin Module Chassis 19" (263401827668)
NAC PH-701Film Motion Analyzer 70mm w/ Fuji 300mm Lens (263426445275)
I.F. Engineering L-Band 6 Port Distribution Amplifier (PS-24-6-2A) (152854852083)
LNR Solid State C-Band Low Phase Noise Dual Conversion Downconverter (506010030) (192421845049)
Microdyne Corporation Telemetry Receiver w/ 3 Modules (1100-AR) (152866300534)
SMI SM3-H4G-9-5 WaveGuide Baseball Switch 4-Port WR-137 C-Band Sector Microwave (152857573193)
3dbm, INC 19" Chassis 70MDF-DAT-GLW (152862259459)
EF Data PS310 SSPA Power Supply with Lambda LZS500-2 Regulated Power Supply (192415367190)
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Princeton Applied Research 5204 (192416431907)
Hewlett Packard 16058A 4145A 4145B Test Fixture Analyzer w/16058 Socket Board (152851379746)
Varian Klystron RF Tube - C-Band 3.5 kW Satcom 24 Channel VKC-7936R / VJW1454B (152863647808)
STS Inc Statcom Upconverter 19" Rackmount 2U - Microwave / RF / Satellite (152861027539)
Maxsys Technology systems VMIC Test Station 00465-3800 (152858554115)
MaxSys VSX MUX Card - Rev C 465-3100-3-001 (192422738825)
Hewlett Packard Diagnostic Fixture 11353A (152840684425)
Varian Microwave Waveguide Load Metering Assembly C Band (VUJ-8527-01) (192416847988)
Varian VZC-3068EW TWT 135954-00j (192407282748)
SKI Ekoline Ultrasonoscope Ultrasound NDT Imager (2022) (263428544935)
L-3 Communications Microdyne 1400-MR Telemetry Receiver - SatCom (106-912-01) (263429543035)
Miteq Dual Conversion C-Band Upconverter 5.845-6.425 (U-8153) (192422797964)
Microdyne 1400-MR Telemetry Receiver -Special Power Plug - SatCom (106-912-01) (263401829940)
STS Inc 19" Rackmount 2U Satellite Upconverter - Microwave / RF (Statcom) (263429643872)
North American Manufacturing SimPlex Web Roller Guiding System HSNC-2038 (192422897541)
MSE 10 Watt Sold State C-Band Uplink Amplifer 5.925-6.425 Ghz (SSPA 6010) (263428219772)
MSE CPA 6010EF SS Power Amplifier 5.925-6.425 GHz (263413174632)
Microdyne Telemetry Receiver - Empty Slot A (1400-MR) (263441253464)
Microdyne Corporation Telemetry Receiver w/ 4 Modules (1100-AR) (152867635132)
Aydin Bit Sync Demodulator P/N 356-0313-502 3053 (152859769758)
Hughes Synchronous Command Generator 3814100-100 (152851150877)
Carnel Labs CCI-7 EMI Testing Controller Counter Interface NM 7 Receiver (263417518084)
Microdyne Telemetry Receiver 105-316-81 Standard plug (1400-MR) (152865089123)
Microdyne 1400 MRA Telemetry Receiver - 1451-D, 1420 I Series, 1411-V (263417595086)
Narda Sem163T 18 GHz Coaxial RF Switch 28VDC Qty 6 Rackmount (152858436440)
HP 3730B Down Converter with 3737B 3.7 to 8.5 GHz RF Module (152863647579)
Varian RF Plasma Power HFS-1000D 13.56MHz Supply 684328 (263429591037)
Hewlett Packard 16058A (192416852556)
HDPE Chamber with Miniarik Drive Controller and Norgren Linear Actuator Spinning (152846178549)
MSE CPA 6025F C-Band Solid State RF Transmitter Power Amplifer (263413117366)
Maxtech C-Band 1:2 Redundant LNB System Controller (BRC-1201) (192422733329)
SSE Technologies 115V M3 Power Supply ~V 310-038336-120B (152839455997)
Avantek RF Amplifier 4 Watt WR75 Port ~V ASAT-1214-1004 (152839490853)
Avantek 120V A.C. Power Supply ~V PS-110-004 (192407305053)
Avantek 120V Power Supply ~V 310-037769-001C (263401865350)
Avantek 115 A.C. Power Supply ~V PS-110-002 (263401870065)
Matrix Systems Corp Programmable Quad 5x10x2 Wire Switching System 12924 / 13021 (263429751925)
Hughes KU Band 14180 MHz Satcom Command Upconverter 3878540-100 (152839490934)
Avantek RF Amplifier 2 Watts ~V ASAT-1214-002 (152861141762)
Hughes 5.9 - 6.4 GHz 40 Watt C-Band TWTA 9040H02R002 (152861193632)
Drytek RF Power Supply Comdel PA-500A DR-100A S100 Wafer DRY-KW1 (152860984175)
ITS Microprocessor Controlled Box Washer UC-7010 (152861412147)
CD Technologies C&D Technologies 48V Power Plant 110.4025.24 (192426191303)
Philips Semiconductors Minimodule Advanced Carrier Hardware MACH-III (263423498134)
Hypertronics Test Enclosure (FSCM50541) (152851182804)
Reliance Electric Duty Master A-C Motor Torque Tester Cart P18A6103R-XZ (192418248586)
SSE Technologies 5 Watt SSPA Microwave RF Upconverter (152839490862)
Varian 5.9 - 6.4 GHz 65db C-Band TWTA VZC6961D7A1 (152842322040)
CLI Magnitude MPEG-2 DVB Satcom Multiplexer Rackmount 410111-01 (152856434343)
LNR Upconverter SatCom Satallite 1U 19" Rack -Broken PWR Switch (506010029) (152848637568)
Canon Electronic Control Cabinet w Sony Magnescale MSD-705 (MPA) (192431353835)
Tektronix Programmable Digitizer (7912AD) (263416315933)
TTI Inc Tribocop Spinstand Granite Plate TSurf Software R&D T9000 (152855085940)
Varian Power Supply 400W PN 01000167-02 for TWTA VCBand VZC-6965 (152862471539)
Guzik S1701 Spin Stand RWA-1632 and ANA-691 PRML with Table (192424654496)
LNR 056010000-4 C-Band Upconverter (263451939052)
High Voltage System from 9000V Klystron Power Supply (Electrical) (263431733149)
Maxtech Solid State Power Amplifier (PCD-6025/N) (192424497167)
Scientific Atlanta PowerVu Digital Multiplexer D-9708 (152847196930)
Spectral Dynamics Spectrascope III SD345 (263413117053)
LNR Dual C- Band Upconverters Redundant w/ Control Switch UC6-D1 (152839451503)
Miteq C-Band Up/Downconverter RF Unit (U/D-9502-61289) (192424497560)
Varian VZC6962D710B00 100 Watt TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier C-Band Transmi (152841533179)
Tektronix Transient Digitizer w/ SCD Display Unit (SCD5000) (192416430244)
Hughes / SSEL Command Generator VME Rack Loaded 7746604-100 7729349-100 7746600- (152851191000)
Intronics INT-9916 5.8 GHz to 6.9GHz Tunable Microwave Upconverter (192412767658)
CPI K4U 2.45 kW Gen IV Klystron KU Band KPA Upconverter K4U64CS (152856315040)
Large Solar Module Simulator Panel I-V Flash Tester by Yamashita Denso (192424635049)
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