Allworx 48x Telephone System Cabinet REFRB WRNTY

Allworx 48x Telephone System Cabinet REFRB WRNTY

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Item ships from Tucson AZ USA

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Nitsuko / NEC NX7NA-208E Portrait 2 CO / 8 Digital Station Expansion Card 82402A (201896747268)
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Samsung OfficeServ 4SLM 4 Port Single Line Analog Station Card KPOS71BSLM/XAR TE (192345612350)
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Panasonic KX-TDA0181 16 Port Loop Start CO Line LCOT16 Card REFRB WRNTY (202255153493)
Inter-Tel GLX 3 CO x 2 Digital Station x 2 Analog Station Card 612.2300 TESTD WR (192344703053)
Panasonic KX-TDA0193 8 Port Caller ID CID8 Card REFRB WRNTY (202056594612)
Avaya MB450 Main Control Card for G450 700432495 OOSW WRNTY (201999202901)
NEC GPZ-4COTF Analog Trunk Line Daughter Board 640061 TESTED WRNTY (202202455912)
Samsung OfficeServ iDCS 100 Main Control Processor KP100DBMP1/XAR TESTD WRNTY (192345612252)
NEC 9.5 Inch 3 Blade Base Chassis Black CHS2UG B-US 640084 TESTD WRNTY (192437198331)
Samsung OfficeServ iDCS 100 Main Cabinet KP100DM1/XAR - 0x8 / Empty TESTD WRNTY (202094286369)
Toshiba VCCU5 System Control Processor Card for Strata 6E Vie TESTD WRNTY (192059263225)
Panasonic KX-NS5171 DLC8 Digital Station Card TESTD WRNTY (192307804088)
Telrad MPD 386 KeyBX Processor Card with S-128 Cartridge SB7.36 OOSW WRNTY (202132594588)
Iwatsu VS-KSU ADIX Telephone System Cabinet 2x6x2 057000 REFRB WRNTY (192344703059)
ESI Communications Server CS Hot Swap Port Card Adapter 5000-0462 WRNTY (201852302755)
Panasonic KX-NS5162 DPH2 Doorphone Card WRNTY (222646274640)
Toshiba LIPU-X1A 16 Channel PCB Card REFRB WRNTY (201733197692)
Avaya MP20 20 Channel DSP Daughterboard Media Processor 700432511 700476385 WRN (222800586028)
Samusng OfficeServ 16DLI2 Digital Station Card KPOSDBDL2/XAR TESTD WRNTY (192258100557)
Iwatsu Omega 924 OM-OPT Option Paging SMDR Board 700405 TESTD WRNTY (202115494413)
Toshiba Strata DK16e Telephone System Cabinet KSU 4x8 DKSUBT16A INITLIZED WRNTY (222650769776)
Toshiba RCIU2A 4 Port Caller ID CO Line Card (201846231196)
Nitsuko / NEC NX7NA-8CIDU Portrait 824 8 Circuit Caller ID Adapter 82425 (222480171790)
Iwatsu Omega 924 OM-308 3 CO x 8 Digital Station Expansion Board 700401 TESTD W (222721035310)
Walker WIN Meisei MK-36D Electronic Telephone System Cabinet KSU 4 x 8 WRNTY (222507119556)
Panasonic MPR Main Processing Card for KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA200 Phone System WRNTY (202179815133)
Nortel Norstar ISDN-BRI 2 Port Cartridge NT7B86GA REFRB WRNTY (222330442576)
Nitsuko / NEC NX7NA-308 Portrait 308 Main Telephone System Cabinet KSU 82500 REF (222480171828)
Telrad HONS 8 Port Single Line Analog Card for KeyBX 76-210-2760 OOSW WRNTY (192383157784)
ESI IX E-Class LNC PC Local Network Card TESTD WRNTY (222596272737)
ESI CS SIP 8 Communications Server SIP Card 5000-0550 WRNTY (201852302750)
NEC DSX-40 Basic Telephone System KSU 2 Port VM License 4x8x2 DX7NA-40M 1090001 (192389192831)
Panasonic KX-NS5110 DSP S Type Expansion Unit WRNTY (202056594870)
Panasonic KX-NS0110 DSP S Type Expansion Unit WRNTY (202056594852)
Allworx 10x IP Telephone System Cabinet Licensed REFRB WRNTY (222669883120)
Vodavi / Vertical Ranger 900MHz Cordless Digital Telephone 3014-00 NEW BATRY WRN (192131102789)
Samsung OfficeServ MP10 Main Processor Card with SD v4.14K KPOS71BMP1/XAR WRNTY (222593422908)
NEC DSX-40 8 Port Analog Station Expansion Carr DX7NA-8SLIU-S1 1091003 REFB WRN (222746360494)
Avaya PS4504 400W Power Supply for G450 Chassis BENT 700459498 REFRB WRNTY (222710955567)
LG-Ericsson ipLDK-60 3x8 Base Telephone System Cabinet BKSU REFRB WRNTY (202056594833)
Iwatsu Omega 924 OM-KSU Basic Telephone System Cabinet 3x8x2 700400 TESTD WRNTY (222574168837)
Panasonic KX-NS700 Hybrid IP-PBX Telephone System KSU Basic 6 IP Trunk WRNTY (222808438205)
Panasonic KX-TDE0101 IPC MPR Convergence Main Processing Card DEFALTS WRTY (192451050203)
Nitsuko / NEC NX7NA-824 Portrait 824 Main Telephone System Cabinet KSU 82400 REF (222480171772)
Nortel BCM50 R1.0 20 with Voicemail / UM / IP / Fax Telephone System NT9T6500 WR (192143482260)
Avaya IP500 Phone 16 Expansion Module 700449507 REFRB WRNTY (192098810297)
Xblue 45P Telephone System Cabinet 45PKSU REFRB WRNTY (192423890831)
Allworx 6x Telephone System Cabinet V Generic SIP / Interact Pro / Rea (222800586003)
Avaya G430 Power Supply Gateway 700469273 / 700476393 DEFALTS WRNTY (192360665013)
Vertical Wave Integrated Services Processor Card VW-ISC with VAM04 - No HDD WRNT (201750102435)
Avaya IP500 R5.0 Complete IP Office Digital System Package 4 Port Voicemail REFR (192336127783)
Avaya IP500 V2 IP Office R8.1 Essential Edition Complete Digital System Package (222684784992)
Avaya IP500 V2 R8.0 Essential Edition Complete System Package 6 Port Voicemail R (222677411460)
Avaya IP500 R7.0 Preferred Edition Complete IP System Package 4 Port Voicemail R (222680530013)
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