Amat Applied Materials 0050-76406 Otb Nw40 Foreline Common Mainframe Adapter

Amat Applied Materials 0050-76406 Otb Nw40 Foreline Common Mainframe Adapter

  • Price: 149.64 USD
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  • Condition: New
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  • Shipping package dimensions: 16x4x4 inches
  • Product weight: 5 pounds
  • Brand/Model: AMAT APPLIED MATERIALS 0050-76406
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New Honeywell Model 13 Subminiature Load Cell Sensor 5lb 5VDC 060-K228-04 (172466099823)
Applied Material 0100-13011 PCB ASSY RF Match Control Card (182697563727)
Varian Turbo-V80 Model 969-9012 Turbomolecular Pump 54V with Attachments (172873155109)
MKS 627A01TBC BARATRON Type 627 Pressure Transducer Capacitance Manometer (173559670859)
APPLIED MATERIALS 0150-75071 25FT Lamp Driver to Chamber Tray Mainframe Cables (183395545341)
AMAT APPLIED MATERIALS 0100-090 w/ 0100-76027 Centerfinder Extender (183357567955)
TOSOH SMD 3404H-13-208-502 HTF Upper Liner AI1%Si0.5%Cu 0200-35162-B (173034578166)
AMAT 0040-20418 Bellows Slit Valve Assembly (173019048557)
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