Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Pro M6 200 Workstation Socket 8 Intel Pentium Pro,germany

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286 Chips Motherboard B-2900V3 with HARRIS CS80C286-16 with 8 ISA Slots and RAM (181818601051)
COMPAQ Prolinea 466, Socket 3 Pentium 486, 428,1MB HDD, 16MB Edo RAM, WORKING ! (183213553832)
HP VISUALIZE FX4+ 5064-2616 With The TEXTURE UNIT - WORKING !!!! VERY RARE CARD (170975623098)
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"Pravetz" Personal Bulgarian Computer with Siemens SAB8088-1-P and 512KB Memory (173936246219)
Vector Graphics Inc. Fast Scan Video Digitizer S-100 Board, 1979, Made in U.S.A. (183902908585)
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JADE Computer Products The Bus Probe, TSX-200B-C,1981,Troubleshooting S-100 Card (173991385282)
Systems Group Model HDM-2800 Rev B, S-100 Board, P/N 108701, Made in U.S.A. 1981 (183911338600)
"BIGBOARD II" by J.B. FERGUSON, Inc 1982, Zilog Z80 ,CP/M Single-Board Computer (172728646956)
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PcPartner 35-8333-04 Socket 7 3x ISA / 4x PCI AT Motherboard, Pentium MMX 233Mhz (183802191107)
intel 430VX VTECH 35-8258-03 Socket 7 Motherboard, Pentium 166Mhz, 8mb Ram ! (172146184445)
MITS 88-VI/RTC Rev.0 Vector Interrupt/Real Time Clock S-100 Board, Altair 8800 (183917680149)
OWL Inc 1982 ,P8088, P8237A-5, D2164A-20, 6665AL15 CP/M Single-Board Computer (182634122919)
Bulgarian Terminal Station БПК ДЕЛЪТА-С with mechanical keyboard and Z80A CPU ! (172453617622)
EliteGroup UC4913 REV:1.0 Socket 3 Main Board UMC 4MB Edo Ram, Cyrix CX486 40 (182402382343)
Acorp 6VIA/ZX85 VER:1.9 Computer, Celeron 600Mhz CPU, 128mb SD Ram, 2 x HHD'S (172924193369)
IBM 6887-XAC Personal Computer 750-P133, Socket 7 Intel Pentium 133MHz, 48MB Ram (183851840282)
COMPUMATE-SA286 SUNO2-C R80286-10/S CPU, D80287-10 640KB MEMORY SUNTAC JAPAN (172924260776)
olivetti M4 P100 modulo TIN/II Socket 7 A3959A,16MB RAM, 3Com Lan, Maxtor 540MB (181690475913)
Solid State Music SSM CB2 Z80 CPU S-100 Single Board Computer 1979 M.L.Elliott (173978272541)
Chips SEGA (V.1.0) ISA Video and Printer Card, P82C432, P82C434, P82C433, NEW ! (183917695631)
CCG130 ISS2 Control Board, LEK.7.85, NEC D8088D 16 BIT Processor (183901899949)
Pertec Read/Write Controller Board, 715DC 7342P Chip (183901897469)
Processor and Controller Board CO 86/87 ,Intel D8086-2 (183916648080)
286 AT Computer SPS intelle , Intel A80286-8, SEAGATE ST-225, 640KB, WORKING !! (171803685532)
486 Motherboard with 8 MB EDO Ram, 7 ISA slots, intel i486 DX A80486DX-33 CPU (183772877815)
MB 4S16/20/25 REV. E 486 Mainboard 7 ISA Slots OverDrive with 4 sticks Edo Ram ! (181633101846)
MSI MicroStar P54C TR5 Socket 7 Motherboard MS5129 MS-5129 with 8mb EdoRam (181988557219)
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS 180212-01 REV A IEEE 488, Documentation, Manuals GPIB<->PC (183854795102)
Jamicon KM-T5-T1 REV:1.31 Socket 7 Motherboard, Intel Pentium MMX, 2 Sticks Ram (181880624588)
INTEL AA-655391-503, PCIset SB82442FX Socket 8 Motherboard, Pentium Pro 200Mhz (183775730730)
Socket 3 UMC UM8881F, 95-00103, EDO Ram 4 PCI slots 4 ISA slots 486 Motherboard! (173872014711)
S-100 SemiDisk Solid State Disk Emulator, CP/M Compatibility, Manuals, Software (182899653259)
HP Vectra VL2 4/50se D3193A Socket 3 486DX2 50Mhz 8mb Ram HCJVECTRA486-X,Working (172864252316)
Gigabyte GA586S2 MMX AMD K6 CYRIX M2 READY DRAM & SDRAM MIX POSSIBLE Motherboard (172127408833)
IBM 300PL 6565-83G Personal Computer with Pentium III 600Mhz, 192 RAM, 10GB HDD (182123858468)
Amptron PII-2300 Slot 1 Computer, Celeron 300Mhz CPU, 256mb SD Ram, 3.2GB HDD (172909252721)
HP Vectra XA6/200DT Socket 8, Pentium Pro 200Mhz, 100mb Ram HDD 850MB 3.5' HDD ! (182428111521)
Pro-286/386 ST Motherboard, P8237A-5, intel D8742, Progressive Electronics REV-A (172735657823)
"BIGBOARD II" by J.B. FERGUSON, Inc 1982, Zilog Z80 ,CP/M, Single-Board Computer (182618897000)
COMPUTREND MS-4125 V3.1 486 CPU VLB MOTHERBOARD, 8 RAM SLOTS, 254mm x 220mm (173872007498)
Dell OptiPlex XL 5100 K2GZB DPS Intel Pentium, Socket 5,32Mb Edo Ram, 540mb HDD! (182210745890)
Lomas Data Products Lightning One 8086 S-100 Intel C8087-3 D8088 CPU Board 1981 (183918795989)
Lomas Data Products Thunder 186 S-100 Intel C80186 CPU Board, 256K Dynamic RAM (173979228732)
DELL OptiPlex G1, DC8, QWCZH, Pentium II 400Mhz, 192 SDRAM, 6.4GB HDD Working ! (172864839722)
Gemlight GMB-486UNP V2.1 VLB Motherboard with 486 Processor and 4mb Edo Ram (183775691434)
FIC PA-2000 Motherboard Socket 5 4xISA Slots 3xPCI 6xEdoRam VIA Chipset Working (171396723509)
Solid State Music SSM VB1B Video Interface Display Board S-100, 1977, MCM6571AL (173983411901)
Asus SP97-V Rev.1.02 Socket 7 Baby AT, Pentium MMX-166MHz, 32MB Ram, Cables (172997872812)
Acorp 6BX/VIA/ZX86 Slot 1 Computer, Celeron 300Mhz CPU, 128mb SD Ram, 2.5GB HDD (172907200468)
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