Fsp Fsp460-60pfg, Power Supply 460w As Photo, Sn:0267, Used, Promotion.

Fsp Fsp460-60pfg, Power Supply 460w As Photo, Sn:0267, Used, Promotion.

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Nakanishi E3000C NE211 EM-3060 NR-3060S, Spindle set as photo, sn:7234, dφm. (183542039991)
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NAVITAR 1-61445 61522 Nikon CF plan 5x/0.13, Lens tube as photo,sn:1857, dφm. (183713596493)
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KEYENCE AT-V501H & AT-001VH, Measurement as photo,sn:0095,Tested,DHLtoUS. (173662741163)
MELLES GRIOT 65x65mm.(2.5"), Mini Z-stage travel 7 mm. as photo, sn:lφo. (183630878714)
Harmonic Drive CS 14-100, 4th axis Gear 1:100 as photos, sn:3025, for Mini CNC. (183315346727)
KEYENCE CV-3000&S035CH, Camera&Controller set as photo, sn:0014, Tested, 2dφm (173800289200)
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GALIL ICM-1900 AMP-1900, Motion connector box without cable as photos, sn:A. CRW (173418366104)
Delta Tau 603588-103 & 603605-104 DSP563xx Flex CPU PMAC-PCI as photos, sn:dφm (183329113334)
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Ulvac DAP-12S, YTP010-4A02A Vacuum Pump as photo, sn:755F, dφm mov (173451189361)
Galil DMC-2183,Ethernet motion controller with daughter board as photo, sn: dφm (173437225010)
AXIOMTEK SBC 82610, For part not working, ABSOLUTELY DEAD , RφJ. (173820642048)
Keyence CV-3000, Image Controller as photo, sn:8653, Tested, pφx Promotion. (173427147611)
Cambridge Technology 6230M50, Galvo System Mirror Assembly as photo,sn:672Y, Pro (183340415993)
Ulvac DAP-12S, YTP010-4A01A Vacuum Pump as photo, sn:random, Tested, Promotion. (173451189162)
Camera Cable EIAJ 4 Channel as photo, Frame Grabber IO Cables, length 3.0m (173482513275)
VEXTA DGM60-ASAK, 2 phase Motor-Mini CNC 4th Axis Rotary as photo, sn:2901, 2dφm (173482519034)
SANREX SPU-2030, SCR Controller 30A 200/220V as photo, sn:lφo, DHLtoUS. (173482513263)
Huave ER12-60mm., Electric rotary +-10 Deg motorized as photo, sn:Set A, Pro' (183713714819)
Yamatake MPC0005B, Panel mount mass flow controller as photo, sn:0644, dφm (183340414616)
THK KR20, Linear Actuator stroke 40mm. with 5 Phase as photo, sn:3623, lφo (173410083280)
KOHZU RA07A-W, Positioning Rotation Stage without motor as photo, sn:1313. (173451189373)
THK KR20, Linear Actuator stroke 40mm. with 5 Phase as photo, sn:0339, DHLtoUS. (183324529297)
KEYENCE LS-3100W LS-3033R LS-3033T, Laser Micrometer set as photo, Tested. (173963793746)
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Galil DMC-9940, Motion Card as photo, sn:6343, dφm mov (183327453279)
IMAGING SOURCE DMK 23GP031, Industrial Camera as photo, sn:xxxx, Promotion. (184950396467)
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