Screwline Sp 250 Oerlikon Leybold 115001 Dry Vacuum Pump Used Tested Working

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  • Condition: Used/good working condition
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  • Product weight: 113 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Oerlikon Leybold 115001
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TEL Tokyo Electron 1810-250053-11 Upper Gas Block P2(A-RDC) New Surplus (143189790319)
TEL Tokyo Electron 1810-250052-11 Upper Gas Block P1(A-RDC) New Surplus (382866489823)
MKS Instruments High Vacuum Mitered Elbow 90° ISO160 to ISO160 ISO-K HPS Used (382439670790)
Sanso Electric PV2-4/1-BTBSC2 Wet Pit Type Centrifugal Pump Used Working (141195844203)
Kurt J. Lesker KJL2200 Ionization Gauge Controller IG2200 Used Working (173366787348)
Nor-Cal AIV-1002-NWB Inline Manual Isolation Valves Lot of 2 Used Working (142724379532)
Precision Sensors D48W-14 Differential Pressure Switch Reseller Lot of 2 Spare (143264748886)
Precision Sensors E36W-H55 Absolute Pressure Switch Lam 768-093959-003 Lot of 2 (143264794761)
Balzers EVA 040 P Vacuum Right Angle Valve BP V16 001 BPV16001 Used Working (381745212835)
Brooks Instrument 5896B11A Two Channel Gas Flow Read-Out 5896 Used Working (381729956337)
CTI-Cryogenics 8031300 8500 Helium Compressor Power Supply Assembly New Surplus (173952187574)
Edwards High Vacuum Adaptor Tube Tee ISO160 to ISO100 Dual NW25 With Elbow Used (381664864400)
MKS Instruments 690AA-00010RB Absolute Capacitance Manometer Baratron Head Spare (383079021580)
Inficon 378-007 Vacuum Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge CDG025D 1 Torr Used Working (141671251746)
CTI-Cryogenics 8043086 Cryopump Helium Line 10' Supply and Return Set of 2 Used (381571482858)
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Tokyo Keiso UCUF-04B/ZT Pump Assembly Reseller Lot of 30 TEL Lithius Used (142202165898)
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Vaisala PTB210A1A9A Pressure Transmitter 500-122 hPa abs Nikon NSR-S204B Used (382537447848)
NTRON C7-01-1110-02-0 O2 Analyzer 1110BE-N1 Nikon NSR Used Working (173931229514)
MKS Instruments Straight Nipple Adapter LF200 ISO-K NW250 Large Flange HPS Used (173645255840)
Balzers BG GO2 250 Pirani Vacuum Gauge TPR 010 Used Working (142117894161)
Agilent L6280-302 Manual Bellows Valve NW-25-H/O Varian Used Working (142115758021)
Edwards A52844430 Vacuum Pump im Interface Module Used Working (382544366812)
MKS Instruments 128A-22853 Baratron Pressure Transducer Type 128 New (171740295525)
TEL Tokyo Electron HDMS Proccess Reservoir Tank Lithius Used Working (142219140443)
Precision Sensors P36W-31 Pressure Switch 21 PSIG Reseller Lot of 6 Used Working (382581283180)
CTI-Cryogenics 0500-00277 On-Board IS Controller Rack Mount Panel AMAT Used (381770588192)
Edwards D37215000 Vacuum Flash Module Reseller Lot of 3 Used Working (382412325718)
MKS Instruments 51A11TCA2BA005 Baratron Pressure Switch Type 51A Used Working (173652167053)
Granville-Phillips 274006 Ionization Vacuum Gauge with 25' Cable Used Working (142856740723)
ECI Technology LU0960 PSD/2 Syringe Pump HVX Drive Rev. A QLC-5100 Used Working (142744304485)
Edwards Straight Reducer Nipple Adapter NW50 to ISO40 Bolted Lot of 2 Used (171859751749)
MKS Instruments 51A13TCA2BA100 Baratron Pressure Switch Lot of 2 Used Working (381329671525)
Edwards NRY0DN522 3-Way High Vacuum Tube NW40 New Surplus (381764463636)
MKS Instruments 625A12TBE Baratron Pressure Transducer Type 625 Working Spare (143237010926)
Edwards NRY0DN523 High Vacuum Tube Tee NW50 to NW40 4VCR Stainless Steel New (142111681890)
Setra 204100-50-NKC Pressure Transducer 204 ROHS Nikon 4S588-122 NSR-S620D Used (382812384111)
Tokyo Keiso P-510-UA-4N-V3-N2-100L/MIN-0.1MPA Purgemeter Flow Meter New Surplus (173811718670)
Oerlikon 102211837 Cryo Compressor Water Line 6 Meter Set of 2 Used Working (381944790624)
CTI-Cryogenics 8112898G005 8F Cryopump On-Board 8112582G001 MRC Eclipse Used (172008305506)
MKS Instruments 0154A-200RK High Flow Control Valve 154A Used Working (143079928626)
VAT 641PM-16PL-1002 Adaptive Pressure Controller PM-5 87895-R1 Working Spare (173952069626)
Greene Tweed 9243-SS513 Chemraz O-Ring AS-568A-243 CPD 513 AMAT 3700-01718 New (382489757432)
Edwards A52844480 Vacuum Pump im Interface Module LAM TCP Working Spare (143332373144)
Leybold 88772 High Vacuum Flexible Bellows Stainless ISO160 ISO-K New Surplus (142761335748)
Edwards A50588000 XDS Vacuum System Exhaust Silencer Housing NW40 Refurbished (382558779325)
Edwards NRA226000 IGC Auto Restrike Box Used Working (142139491056)
Edwards High Vacuum Tee DN63CF Rotatable DN63CF Non-Rotatable Used Working (172248530922)
ATH 500M Adixen V13121B1 Turbomolecular Pump with Power Supply Turbo Used (142738614818)
Balzers BP V16 013 Vacuum Right Angle Valve EVA 040 P BPV16013 Used Working (142094620485)
Nippon Pillar Fitting S-W4B 019109-912 Reseller Lot of 5 10 Packs New Surplus (173275459088)
Nippon Pillar Fitting S-8B 019119-1001 Reseller Lot of 5 10 Packs New Surplus (142761404830)
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