Amat Applied Materials 0130-01244 Smoke & Water Leak Detector Pcb Rev.002 Used

Amat Applied Materials 0130-01244 Smoke & Water Leak Detector Pcb Rev.002 Used

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Intel PBA 143461-015 Single Board Computer 88/40A PCB MRC Eclipse Used Working (172455751346)
Nikon Microscope M Plan 2.5 BD Plan 10 BD Plan Apo 20 40 150 OPTISTATION 3 Used (141110537804)
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TEL Tokyo Electron 381 LHP EXT Cover Station Frame 2985-401328-W4 ACT12 Used (173168603350)
Gordos Arkansas PAM 3 Interface Board PCB MRC Eclipse Star Used Working (141825700623)
VAT 77006-R1 Aluminium Gate Ulvac Technologies 1019042 New Surplus (143048235548)
Lambda PDC60-300 Power Supply Card PCB HAL-02-1474 Rev. A Used Working (142664909292)
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3Com 1647-010-010-1.01 Baseline Switch 2016 3C16470 AMAT Quantum X Used Working (382625126552)
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Nikon Binocular Eyepiece Microscope Assembly CFUWN 10x/26.5 OPTISTATION 3 Used (142091090809)
AMAT Applied Materials 0100-00629 Interlock Select 300mm GEN RACK Board PCB Used (382411603564)
AMAT Applied Materials 0040-48973 SD Stepper Interface PCB Panel 0130-00537 Used (173107749682)
KLA-Tencor CRS-3000 Optical Assembly GSI Lumonics 000-3008528 Used Working (172125550356)
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