Intel Pwla8490lx Pro/1000 Mf Server Adapter 32/64 Bit Pci/pci-x -sealed-

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Telemecanique Schneider VW3A11851 038082 ATV11 DIN RAIL KIT S1 -unused/OVP- (165845566048)
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Siemens Simatic 6ES5512-5BC12 6ES5 512-5BC12 E:11 Anschaltung -unused/OVP- (404200940477)
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2x Siemens 6ES7 972-0BB11-0XA0 6ES7972-0BB11-0XA0 E:01 Profibus Connector -used- (165828405498)
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Phoenix Contact MCR-C-I/I-00-DC MCRCI/I00DC 28 14 50 8 Trennverstärker -used- (404099654522)
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Siemens Teleperm M74001-A110 M740 01-A110 Modul -used- (404211375843)
Indramat DSM 2.1-ASM-01.RS 259428 Software-Module -used- (404041977498)
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Phoenix Contact MCR-T-UI MCRTUI 2814090 Temperaturmessumformer -used- (165877701623)
Bihl+Wiedemann BW1644 13055 ASi Busabschluss AS-Interface Termination -unused- (404102598678)
Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5301-5AA13 6ES5 301-5AA13 E:04 Anschaltung -used- (404201017247)
Bihl+Wiedemann BWU1703 BWU-1703 BWU 1703 AS-i 3.0 PROFIBUS Gateway -used- (404048284086)
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