New Asm Pn: 2910985-01 Assy Btc Computer/controller Assembly

New Asm Pn: 2910985-01 Assy Btc Computer/controller Assembly

  • Price: 1,183.32 USD
  • Avaibility: 4 available
  • Condition: New
  • Item ships from: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Shipping package dimensions: 22x22x12 inches
  • Product weight: 15 pounds
  • Brand/Model: ASM 2910985-01
  • Sold by: testeqe · This seller has received 9,972 ratings (100.00% Positive)

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Cymer Laser Spare Part Gas Control Module EX-5600/6600 (132311463435)
NEW Eaton/Axcelis 200A 0342-0579-3001 Ion Implanter Column/Accelerator Tube (382213464863)
Daihen RMN-20H RF Matching Network 13.56 MHz, 2 kW TEL PN: 3D80-001533-11 (382213470088)
NEW ASM PN: 16-193622-01 Susceptor-125MM-1.2MM Thk Substrate (132311472512)
NEW Comdel CDX-1000 13.56MHz/2MHz Dual Fre RF Generator AMAT PN: 0190-07242 (162651438527)
Brooks Automation Main Turret Robot MTR-5? MultiTran PN: 001-1500-61 (382213470115)
Donaldson P196160 Lithoguard Lithography CFS Carbon Filter System Filtration (162651436355)
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NEW ASM PN: 16-351420D01 Wand-Arm Support-200MM UHP (200 mm/8") Quartz (382213464877)
NEW ASM PN: 04-193964-01 Kit 300MM Rewk Sus to Sus Htr Mtg-P3000 Susceptor (132311468065)
NEW Applied Materials/AMAT PN: 0010-00171 Gate Valve Actuator Assembly (132311471897)
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NEW ASM PN: 96-125485A16 Valve Assy-10K-1/4" Auto Assembly Kitz SCT 91210-35118B (132311466346)
NEW ASM PN: 845004638 Valve-Gate 50X336 Type B Aluminum, VAT PN: 02112-BA24 (132311466411)
Novascan PSD-UV10 10" x 10" Benchtop UV/Digital Ozone Cleaning System (132311466409)
Mitsubishi RV-E14NHC-SA06 Wafer Transfer Industrial Robot Tokyo Electron TEL (382213464879)
NEW ASM PN: 2604782-01 QTZ ATM Atmospheric Furnace Process Tube (Quartz, A400) (162651436837)
NEW Trust Automation TA2015 4-Axis Robot Controller w/Pendant, ASM 54-115407A09 (132311466422)
NEW Genmark SMALL 9800106571 Robot System Controller ASM PN: 54-115407A12 (162651438863)
NEW Kyosan DFK45Z-JA4 RF Generator (ASM Eagle 12) 4.5 kW 27.12 MHz 93000-06246A (162651442388)
NEW ASM PN:16-180621B01 Gate Valve-Modified-Water Cooled VAT PN: 02112-AE44-AAJ1 (132311472509)
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