Ebara 50x20 (50 X 20) Dry Vacuum Pump/blower Package System 3600 L/min

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  • Condition: Used/good working condition
  • Item ships from: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Brand/Model: Ebara S306-2/200003REV-A
  • Sold by: testeqe · This seller has received 10,094 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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Ebara 50X20 (50 X 20) Dry Vacuum Pump/Blower Package System 3600 l/min
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NEW ASM PN: 845000551 Filter-HEPA-Extruded AL Case-53 MM, Flanders AP493-399 (382213471495)
NEW ASM PN: 54-121550A03 / Foxboro B1279EN Board Assembly (382213465512)
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NEW ASM PN: 04-350023-01 Kit-Elevator O-Rings/Gaskets (132311471871)
NEW Turck/InterlinkBT JBBS-57-E801 eurofast DeviceNet 8-Port Passive Junction (382213466326)
Asymtek/Nordson 60-0555-00 Revision B PCI Board/Card (382213467962)
NEW Applied Materials/AMAT PN: 0300-09055 PROM KIT ASSY EPROM U19/U18 Odd+Even (382213467371)
NEW Fujikin FPR-SDAT-21RS1-6.35UGF-APD IGS Mega-Mini 3-Port Pneumatic Valve (132311464571)
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NEW Semy Engineering/Brooks Automation MYP 890010/820300 Mypro Circuit Board PCB (382213471792)
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NEW ASM PN: 03-111228D01 PCB ASSY-DTC ISBX Board Assembly (382213465392)
NEW Gespac ADC-2B/GESADC-2 Analog/Digital Convertor Board, ASM PN: 03-322713A01 (382213471516)
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