18k White Gold 4.13ctw Oval Aquamarine Round & Baguette Diamond Cocktail Ring

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14K White Gold 1.33ctw Colombian Emerald Solitaire & Baguette Diamond Step Ring (201950299930)
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18K Yellow Gold 1.30ctw Sapphire Emerald & Diamond Open Butterfly Cocktail Ring (202445912901)
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14K White Gold .93ctw Pear Cut Solitaire Tanzanite & Round Diamonds Accents Ring (182663834015)
18k TT Gold 3.45ctw Large Oval Sapphire Solitaire & Princess Cut Diamond Ring (202656405156)
Petite 14k Yellow Gold .47ctw Marquise Emerald Solitaire Round Diamond Halo Ring (162290288178)
18k White Gold 11.35ctw Oval Blue Topaz Solitaire Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring (183876618446)
Tiffany & Co. Etoile Silver & 18k Gold Bezel Sapphire Peridot Tourmaline Ring (183536334099)
14K Yellow Gold 2.80ctw GIA Pear Cut Tsavorite Green Garnet & Diamond Halo Ring (201838372929)
Vintage 14K Yellow Gold 2.85ctw Oval Amethyst Diamond Halo Spider Cocktail Ring (183282364508)
Vintage 14k White Gold 3.56ctw Tiered Round Marquise Sapphire Old Diamond Ring (202719765361)
Hand Made 18K Yellow Gold 13.65ct Large Cabochon Citrine & Diamond Cocktail Ring (201741115105)
Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Cabochon Oval Opal Solitaire Twisted Wire Cocktail Ring (162810939292)
14k Yellow Gold ROYAL BLUE Sapphire Solitaire Ring Fine Baguette Diamond Accents (162371561171)
FINE 18K Yellow Gold GIA 1.35ct Trillion Cut Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring (162606566518)
Vintage 18k White Gold 4.61ctw GIA Oval Sapphire Round Diamond Halo Cluster Ring (183784318783)
Vintage 18K White Gold 5.44ctw Emerald Solitaire Rare Marquise Diamond Halo Ring (182537277577)
Palladium 1.07ctw Round Tanzanite Solitaire Ring w/ Overlapping Diamond Shank (202657076194)
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