Benshaw Rsi015s46w S4 Sensorless Vector Drive 15/10hp 600vac Nema 4x *tested*

Benshaw Rsi015s46w S4 Sensorless Vector Drive 15/10hp 600vac Nema 4x *tested*

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Indramat NAM1.2-15 AC Servo line Former NAM 1.2-15 (151752854862)
Siemens 6SL3120-1TE21-0AA3 Single Motor Module DC 600V 3AC 400V 9A *Tested* (164925762266)
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Yaskawa CACR-IR44SFBY8 Servopack AC Amplifier 230VAC 33Amps 4.4kW/5.9HP *Tested* (161680661597)
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Reliance Electric 3RA2002 Brushless AC Servo Drive HR2000/BLA-08 *Fully Tested* (161160162660)
Allen Bradley 1771-H3A, IMC-123 3 Axis Servo Controller 64kW Ser A*Fully Tested* (161265838056)
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Indramat DDS02.1-A100-D Digital AC Servo Controller DDS2.1-A100-D *Tested* (160998240951)
Indramat KDV 1.3-100-220/300-115 AC Servo Power Supply KDV1.3-100-220/300 *Test* (160931177603)
Indramat NAM1.2-15 AC Servo line Former Module K21/95 (161769532555)
Mitsubishi MR-J2-40B-S73-A10 Melservo AC Servo Drive 400W 230 VAC 2.8A *Tested* (162449589885)
Lenze EVS9325-CTV003 AC Servo Controller 400/480AC 10.8KVA 13A 01443022 *Tested* (152960292149)
Siemens 6SL3224-0BE24-0UA0 Sinamics 6SL3244-0BB12-1PA1 CPU CU240E-2 DP *Tested* (162966141039)
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