Xl Mid Century Modern Table Mirror By Uno & Östen Kristiansson For Luxus, Sweden

Xl Mid Century Modern Table Mirror By Uno & Östen Kristiansson For Luxus, Sweden

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PAIR Mid Century Modern 'BIRD' SIDE TABLE LAMP Boris Lacroix J.T. KALMAR Era (152054073407)
2 x Gorgeous MID CENTURY Modern MATHIEU MATEGOT Style 2-ARMED Wall Lamps Sconces (151912850255)
3 x Mid Century Modern ITALIAN Sputnik WALL LAMPS Sconces ULRICH Torlasco ERA (151911863602)
EXCEPTIONAL Mid Century Modern LETTER OPENER by CARL AUBÖCK, 1950s, VIENNA (153219731373)
RARE Mid Century LUCITE TABLE LAMP Desk Light LIGHT OBJECT, 1970s, Germany (153223572950)
Rare MID CENTURY Modern MAZZEGA Carlo Nason MURANO Table Lamp LIGHT Vistosi ERA (151209744096)
LARGE Mid Century GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG Hanging Light PENDANT LAMP Etched Glass (152829334405)
LOVELY Mid Century Modern PINEAPPLE Ceramic TABLE LAMP Light, 1970s, ITALY (152944932407)
Small 'SNAKE' 'Cobra' TABLE LAMP Floor Light STUDIO REGGIAN Italy STILNOVO era (152049073666)
Mid Century Modern GEORGE NELSON Pedestal COFFEE TABLE by HERMAN MILLER, 1960s (153210544129)
Mid Century HANS AGNE JAKOBSSON Markaryd SPUTNIK Atomic CHANDELIER Ceiling Lamp (152828093913)
Rare DANISH Mid Century Modern COPPER Lamp PENDANT LIGHT Henningsen POULSEN Era (151216847296)
TWO Stunning MID CENTURY MODERN Brass FACET PENDANT Lamps SARFATTI Tynell Era (151824888191)
LARGE 6-Armed MID CENTURY Atomic SPUTNIK Wall Lamp CEILING LIGHT Stilnovo Era (152918422711)
Modernist POSA Counterweight PENDANT Hanging LAMP by FLORIAN SCHULZ | Ø 41,5 cm (152846102805)
ELEGANT Mid Century Modern PIERO FORNASETTI (attr.) UMBRELLA STAND, 1950s/60s (152937051693)
Mid Century WALL MIRROR by UNO & ÖSTEN KRISTIANSSON, LUXUS, Scandinavian Design (152879472063)
RARE Mid Century ITALIAN TABLE LAMP Desk Light STILNOVO Arteluce Arredoluce Era (153058548662)
HILLEBRAND Illuminated BACKLIT Resin WALL MIRROR Mid Century Modern 1960s/1970s (151678638014)
1/2 Mid Century Modern CARL FAGERLUND ORREFORS Pendant Lamp CHANDELIER Light 50s (151758331152)
Mid Century EMIL STEJNAR Dandelion FLUSH MOUNT Sconce CEILING LAMP Rupert Nikoll (152967996829)
Mid Century COSACK Flush Mount SPUTNIK Space Age ATOMIC Wall Lamp CEILING LIGHT (152904919529)
Rare MID CENTURY MODERN Brass CEILING LAMP Pendant Light PAAVO TYNELL 1950s (152005939040)
Rare MID CENTURY MODERN Pendant Light CEILING LAMP Counterweight 1950 TYNELL Era (152500657136)
Rare & Elegant MID CENTURY MODERN Pendant Lamp by LOUIS KALFF for Cosack, 1950s (153237306283)
2x Mid Century Modern STAFF Mirrored Glass PENDANT LAMP Hanging Light 1960/1970s (151911957343)
GORGEOUS Mid Century Modern SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN Triangle WALL MIRROR Teak, 1960s (152935595670)
RARE Mid Century FLORIAN SCHULZ Desk Light TABLE LAMP Art Deco BAUHAUS, 1970s (152973828702)
RARE Mid Century TABLE LAMP Desk Light LOUIS KALFF COSACK Arteluce SARFATTI Era (152993449922)
1 of 3 MID CENTURY Modern VEREINIGTE WERKSTÄTTEN Brass DOME Pendant Lamp ∅ 40cm (151728861895)
EXCEPTIONAL Mid Century Modern PULL & PUSH Murano Glass DOOR HANDLE 1960s, Italy (153248096693)
RARE Mid Century Modern ANDRE RICARD Table Lamp for METALARTE Sarfatti EAMES Era (152644587150)
RARE Mid Century Modern XL PENDANT LIGHT Lamp 'TRICENA' by INGO MAURER 1968 (151246853877)
2 x Mid Century Modern VW VEREINIGTE WERKSTÄTTEN Side Table LAMPS Lights 1950s (151812943800)
Mid Century Modern VISTOSI Pendant Lamp CHANDELIER Smoked Glass Discs | Ø 40 cm (152405152282)
Rare METALARTE desk light lamp MID-CENTURY MODERN Arteluce SARFATTI Stilnovo ERA (151016542571)
LARGE Mid Century PENDANT LIGHT Ceiling Lamp GIAN N. GIGANTE for ZERBETTO 110 cm (152841291334)
Rare MID CENTURY Modern SVEND AAGE Holm Sørensen 'ARTICHOKE' Pendant Lamp ∅ 40cm (153253389499)
Large & Luxurious Modernist PALWA Germany WALL MIRROR Crystal Glass Gilt Brass (152554383794)
Gorgeous XXL TABLE LAMP 1950s/1960s MID CENTURY Modernist Tynell SARFATTI Era (151919606848)
Original MId Century VERNER PANTON Shell Pendant Lamp CHANDELIER FUN 1DM J LUBER (153058056700)
PAUL EVANS Style MODERNIST Mid Century Modern MAGAZIN RACK Newspaper Stand (152988476201)
1/2 LARGE Mid Century Modern COPPER Ceiling Light PENDANT LAMP J.T. KALMAR attr. (152206456006)
Rare ALDO TURA Modernist COFFEE | OCCASIONAL TABLE Mid Century Modern Italy 1952 (152544353963)
Mid Century Modern SPUTNIK Atomic PENDANT LIGHT Ceiling Lamp CHANDELIER Sunburst (151414434831)
ELEGANT Mid Century Modern SPUTNIK 6-ARMED CHANDELIER Ceiling PENDANT LAMP Light (152433337969)
PAIR of LARGE & RARE Mid Century Modern TABLE LAMPS by WKR, Germany, 1970s (153219525535)
Mid Century MAX BILL TEMDE Cluster MULTI-DISCS Atomic CHANDELIER Pendant Lamp (152819165102)
Rare MID CENTURY Modern 3-ARMED CHANDELIER Pendant Lamp STILNOVO Sarfatti ERA (152669090073)
STUNNING Mid Century CHANDELIER Crystal Glass Pearls 6 LIGHTS 4-Tiered PALWA Era (152591928227)
Mid Century DIMITRI OMERSA Leather SEAT OBJECT 'BULL' Footstool OTTOMAN 1960s (153062027782)
XL MID CENTURY MODERN Desk Light TABLE LAMP Scandinavian Wegner TYNELL Era 1950s (152505735296)
Mid Century XXL TABLE LAMP | FLOOR LIGHT 1960s/1970s SPUTNIK Modernist SPACE AGE (151919540827)
LARGE Mid Century PENDANT LIGHT Ceiling Lamp GIAN N. GIGANTE for ZERBETTO 140 cm (152841220092)
RARE and LARGE Mid Century Modern QUADRIFOGLIO TABLE LAMP by HARVEY GUZZINI,1968 (153057128724)
Mid Century KINKELDEY Facetted Crystal Glass 7-LIGHTS CHANDELIER Lamp PALWA Era (152239320627)
RARE & STUNNING Modernist ART DECO Bauhaus CHANDELIER Pendant Light CEILING LAMP (152497426015)
RARE Mid Century Modern CITY HALL WALL CLOCK by ARNE JACOBSEN for GEFA, 1956 (153259075477)
Mid Century 8-ARMED CHANDELIER Atomic SPUTNIK Pendant Lamp ARTELUCE Stilnovo ERA (152197058994)
PAIR Mid Century Modern ATOMIC Sputnik WALL Lamps LIGHTS Sartatti STILNOVO Era (151200340792)
SET of TWO Mid Century Modern BEDSIDE TABLE LAMPS Brass, 1950s, Sweden (153249384107)
LARGE Mid-Century BAROVIER & TOSO Murano Glass CEILING LAMP Wall Light, Ø 75 cm (152954793705)
DECORATIVE Mid Century Modern SUNBURST WALL MIRROR Gilt Metal, 1960s, France (153259020665)
2 x Mid Century KAISER LEUCHTEN Bedside TABLE LAMPS Lights STILNOVO Arteluce Era (152993431737)
ELEGANT Mid Century PALWA Glass TEAR DROPS 6-Ligths CHANDELIER Pendant Lamp (152770666914)
3 x GORGEOUS Wall Fixtures WALL LAMPS Sconces BRASS Lucite HOLLYWOOD REGENCY (152474759594)
MID CENTURY Bookcase SHELVING UNIT Sideboard WILLEM LÜTJENS Gouda den Boer, 1953 (152880444347)
Mid Century Modern PALWA Illuminated BACKLIT Crystal WALL MIRROR Bakalowits Era (152560907579)
MODERNIST Counterweight PENDANT LAMP Hanging Light by FLORIAN SCHULZ | Ø 43 cm (153123647810)
RARE Mid Century Modern SPUTNIK Atomic 10-ARMED CHANDELIER Ceiling Lamp STILNOVO (152373359455)
2x Mid Century Modern WALL LAMPS Ceiling Lights SARFATTI Stilnovo ERA ∅ 50/30cm (151918490963)
3 x MID CENTURY MODERN Sconces WALL LIGHTS Lamps Arteluce SARFATTI Stilnovo ERA (151895506386)
RARE LUXURY Mid Century OSCAR TORLASCO for LUMI Adjustable TABLE LAMP Desk Light (152424141012)
EXCEPTIONAL & LARGE Mid Century Modern BRASS TABLE LAMP, 1970s, FRANCE (153247919952)
Pair XL MID CENTURY MODERN Sconce WALL LIGHT Ceiling Lamp SARFATTI Stilnovo ERA (151845227163)
Mid Century PENDANT LIGHT Paavo TYNELL Gino SARFATTI Florian Schulz STILNOVO Era (152879200871)
XXL Mid Century Modern VEREINIGTE WERKSTÄTTEN Brass DOME Pendant Lamp ∅ 60cm (152469846322)
MID CENTURY Modern BÜNTE & REMMLER Pendant CHANDELIER Ceiling Lamp TYNELL era (151468272574)
XL Mid Century TEAK TABLE MIRROR by UNO & ÖSTEN KRISTIANSSON for LUXUS, Sweden (152887454080)
LARGE Mid Century ITALIAN Hanging Light PENDANT LAMP | SUPERSTUDIO Poltronova? (152799725370)
Gorgeous & Unique LOUIS SOGNOT Style CHANDELIER Pendant Light MODERNIST Art Deco (151676715698)
ORIGINAL Mid Century MULTI-LITE Pendant LIGHT by LOUIS WEISDORF for LYFA, 1974 (152927447588)
PAIR of XL Mid Century SILK FRINGE Brass TABLE LAMP Hans-Agne JAKOBSSON Markaryd (152437943684)
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