Lot Of 2 Hp Aj718a Storageworks 8gb Short Wave Fibre Channel Sfp 468508-001

Lot Of 2 Hp Aj718a  Storageworks 8gb Short Wave Fibre Channel Sfp 468508-001

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ALCATEL-LUCENT GPON OLT SFP B+ 3FE53441AA 01 C-Temp (153133231144)
Cisco ONS-GC-GE-SX V01 1000 BASE-SX, (10-2192-01) WMOTBLSAAA (153359470550)
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3HE00028AA - 1000BASE-LX SFP 1310nm 10km Compatible with Alcatel-Lucent (153263535662)
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NEVION SFP-T3-1550-S 10035842-025 CLASS1 (153402661017)
ALCATEL 3FE25776AA Equivalent SCP6894-A5 AWE (153394472439)
Juniper SCP6G14-J3-AWE Sumitomo Electric 740-017726 Transceiver Module (153135566898)
FUJITSU FLASHWAVE FC95705010-I02 FTLF1318P2BTL-F9 1310nm 1GbE LX LOT OF-3 (153018460787)
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LOT OF 2 Alcatel P/N: FTRJ8519PB2BTL-A7 3FE25773AA 01 Finisar (153135480005)
HP MODULE XFP 10Gb SR , 443763-001 (152475989278)
New Alcatel-Lucent 3FE53441AC 01 GPON OLT SFP B+ I-temp (154191678384)
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FINISAR, FTLF1422P1BTL-F2 1310 NM (153385989988)
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CIENA SXP3103NV-N6 1310nm CLASS1 (153398856740)
Nortel NTPN31AG Astec AP6C69PAL breaker module (153129336610)
CIENA NTTP6CFE6 06 GE LX/FC100-200 SM TRANSCEIVER (153370461957)
FTLF1323P1BTL-F2 1310 nm OC3-LR1 (153386043410)
NEW IN THE BOX DELTA FC95705051-I02 1GBE 1550NM (153402849746)
Sumitomo SPP5300NV-FG-W 1310 nm (153425108866)
JUNIPER NETWORKS, 740-011614, REV 01 LX, SCP6F44-J3-ANE *EH101218 (153389572171)
Planet WGSW-C1ST 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Expansion Model for WGSW-2402A (152879708866)
4 X Alcatel-Lucent 3FE25774AA 01 PHOTONICS SP-GB-LX-IDFN-ALA Transceiver (153270967588)
Finisar Transceiver FTR-8519-3D MULTI-MODE 850 nm S/N K6102WT (153715337014)
HP PROCURVE 24-PORT 10/100-TX GL SWITCH MODULE 5064-9988 (152444153319)
Planet WGSW-CILX 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Switch Module (152870545615)
740-038291 JUNIPER SCP6G74-J4-AWE (153389588850)
JDSU FC95705051-I02 1GBE 1550NM (153391090346)
SFP BY EMBRUONIX EB60LC2R-MNE-P (153395722717)
Alcatel 3FE25775AA-01 SP-GB-EX-TDA-AN CLASS 1 (153402633491)
Generic XFP 8600403033210100xx 10 Gigabit ethernet (153433413831)
SOURCE PHOTONICS FC95705051-I02 (153505552224)
TELLABS FO DCM-60 C-BAND100 81.71532-60 (153031363335)
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