Horatio Nelson Partial Autograph Letter Signed - Criticizes The Queen Of England

Horatio Nelson Partial Autograph Letter Signed - Criticizes The Queen Of England

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Important 1779 Document re/ Family of Slaves Who Served Alexander Hamilton (152967065167)
Volume from Lewis Carroll's Library - w/ His Signature - Alice Wonderland Author (152831980631)
Union Civil War Diary - 1864 Election, Jeff. Davis, POWs, & Hospital - 84 Pages (153067727233)
Isaac Shelby - Document Signed - American Revolution Patriot & Kentucky Governor (152832160498)
John Marshall - Ink Signature - Clipped from Volume in Marshall's Library (153120049146)
Winston Churchill Typed Letter Signed - re/ His WWII Memoir The Second World War (153120156639)
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) - Autograph Letter Signed - Turns Down Publisher (152853706012)
Autograph Album Signed by Harry Houdini - w/ Shakespeare Quote Marked by Houdini (153006818975)
Winston S. Churchill Photograph Signed - Taken While Prime Minister During WWII (153102108589)
Volume from Henry Ford's Library - w/ Ford's Signature & LOA from His Secretary (153143141508)
Steve McQueen - Document Signed - During Principal Photography of Papillon (152929297698)
A.A. Milne - Autograph Letter Signed - re/ Christopher Robin in the Military (152622794901)
Amelia Earhart - SS Malolo Menu Signed - Three Months Before Her Disappearance (152965438938)
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) Autograph Letter Signed - Pays Tribute to Lincoln (152847219605)
Albert Einstein - Autograph Letter Signed - To Special Relativity Co-Discoverer (152981022250)
Francis Scott Key - Autograph Letter Signed - re/ Estate of War of 1812 General (152947926750)
Alexandre Dumas - Autograph Manuscript Signed - 6 Pages - re/ Napoleon Bonaparte (153083998571)
Margaret Mitchell - Typed Letter Signed - Amazing "Gone with the Wind" Content (152719883032)
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David Crockett's Congressional Paycheck - For Service as Tennessee Congressman (153133506013)
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J. E. B. Stuart - Document Signed the Year Stuart Defeated John Brown's Raid (151981955695)
Gala Program Signed by Marilyn Monroe - Attended by John F Kennedy - PSA/DNA LOA (152855889983)
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Francisco "Pancho" Villa - Typed Letter Signed - Vigorously Defends His Conduct (153098160224)
Benjamin Franklin - Document Signed - Shortly Before Constitutional Convention (152920509264)
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