Ipup A100l Alcatel A100l11111 Dry Vacuum Pump Amat Used Tested Working

Ipup A100l Alcatel A100l11111 Dry Vacuum Pump Amat Used Tested Working

  • Price: 2,808.14 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: Used
  • Item ships from: Albuquerque, New Mexico · Get it in 5 days
  • Shipping package dimensions: 26x20x22 inches
  • Product weight: 320 pounds
  • Brand/Model: Alcatel A100L11111
  • Sold by: usedeqsales · This seller has received 7,489 ratings (100.00% Positive)
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AMAT Applied Materials 2FC-NW-50-3 Flex Coupling NW-50 OAL 5.20" Lot of 4 New (143002518330)
CKD FGL11-X0029 High Vacuum Break Leak Valve Used Working (173620140818)
ASM Advanced Semiconductor Materials 73021-70380 Pipe D New Surplus (173663428021)
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Ebara PWM-8m Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Cable 26 Foot 8M Turbo Used Working (173688652548)
VAT 0750X-UE24-ACK1 Rectangular Door Valve L-VAT Series 075 AMAT 3870-00403 New (142977658675)
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Ebara A10S Multi-Stage Dry Vacuum Pump with 30634 Hours Used Tested Working (142259703136)
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