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Nikon 4S007-785 Relay Interface Board PCB AF-IF8 NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-214 Interface Board PCB LM.I/F NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-142 Backplane Interface Board PCB WL3MTR3 NSR-S202A System Used
Nikon 4S018-028-1-D Interface Relay Card PCB BLDRV NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-090 Interface Relay Card PCB ADDRV2 NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-171-1D Backplane Interface Board PCB OPDMTH3 NSR-S202A System Used
Nikon 4S013-202 Interface Encoder Board PCB IM-ENCD1 NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S017-656-A Backplane Interface Board PCB S/G-MTHR NSR-S202A System Used
Nikon 4S018-749 Backplane Interface Board PCB STGMTRX4 NSR System Used Working
Nikon 4S018-351 Controller Board OPDCTRL2 PCB Card NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-870-B Backplane Interface Board PCB ALGMTHX42 NSR-S307E Used Working
Nikon 4S018-376 Backplane Interface Board PCB LC-MTR-EX2A NSR-S204B Used Working
Nikon 4S018-849 Backplane Interface Board PCB OPDMTHX3 NSR-S204B Used Working
Nikon 4S018-659 Backplane Interface Board PCB WL3MTR4 NSR-S204B Used Working
Nikon 4S018-402 Backplane Interface Board PCB MTH-8SH NSR-S204B Used Working
Nikon 4S018-715-A Backplane Interface Board PCB OPDMTHX4 NSR-S205C Used Working
Nikon 4S018-162-A Backplane Interface Board PCB ALGMTH-SR8 NSR-S202A Used
Nikon 4S018-402 Interface Board PCB MTH-8SH NSR Used Working
Nikon 4S018-445-Ⓑ Processor Board PCB Card EPDRV2-X2A NSR-S202A Used Working
Nikon 4S018-171-2D Backplane Interface Board PCB OPDMTH3 NSR-S204B Used Working

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KLA-Tencor 730-679274-00 RGB Monitor In UI Panel Cable 2138 New Surplus (172548308158)
Vicor VI-MU4-ES AC/DC Switcher FlatPAC 48 Volts 300 Watts Used Working (172864052317)
Bird Electronic ACM500-M-NFNFNH Antenna and Cable Monitor 1000001286-0001 New (380405730173)
Aviza Technology 166759-002 Solenoid Harness Pack to Gas Board Cable New (142825639667)
CKD N4S0-T30R 18 Port Manifold Solenoid Valve N3S010 Lot of 4 Used Working (171089948677)
VersaLogic VL-7806C CPU PCB Card VL-7806 Rev. 1 Used Working (173546843835)
VersaLogic VL-7806C CPU Processor Board PCB Card VL-7806 Rev. 2 Used Working (142944972620)
VersaLogic VL-7806C CPU Processor Board PCB Card VL-7806 Rev. J Used Working (142944971054)
D&R Enterprises DR678643 Temp Board PCB ASM 4657614-0001 New (382569615250)
Nicolet Instrument 000-837503 TGS Detector PCB 410107000AK Lot of 2 Used Working (142945065834)
Shinko 3ASSYC806200 Interface Relay Board PCB M172 Asyst VHT5-1-1 Used Working (382567345312)
Shinko 3ASSYC805900 Interface Relay Board PCB OHT-DD2 Asyst VHT5-1-1 Used (382567347215)
Lam Research 810-17031-1 Rev. 7 ADIO-13 PCB Card 810-17052-13 Used Working (382569627926)
LF-5 AE Advanced Energy 3150012-009 RF Generator RFPP AMAT 0920-01014 Used (140902629867)
GaSonics 73-0068 Elevator Alignment Tool w/ 94-2730 Wafer Jig Used Working (382415944501)
K-Patents PR-03-A62-HSS Process Refractometer 10-32 Port Used Working (382432517976)
MKS Instruments T3BIA-27247 Exhaust Throttle Valve NW50 ASM 50-125108A01 New (382315238667)
ASM 02-325956D01 ASSY Transfer Arm 150mm WHC (142631735963)
AMAT Applied Materials 0090-91404 ITL Controller XR80 Implanter Used Working (140366116287)
Agilent 16702B Logic Analysis System with One 16753A module, Four 16760A modules (382315241990)
Motorola STHX4006DA 2.3GHz WiMAX WAP Access Point XCVR New (170976151185)
ATX 600 AE Advanced Energy 3155017-002 RF Matching Network Tuner New (381207419834)
Liebert SCC030C-4 Power Conditioner Datawave 1 SVG 905 DUV System Used Working (172130280391)
Arcom 7041-64423-004-101 Control Computer AMAT 9090-00810 Quantum X As-Is (382415182420)
Lam Research 12123-1-C-01441057-R3 Drive Arm Assembly Used Working (170538652655)
KLA Instruments 710-658956-00 Mass Memory 2 PCB Card KLA-Tencor Used Working (173542508790)
AMAT Applied Materials 0090-91927 ITL XR80 Wafer Loader Interface Module Used (382279054721)
Kensington Laboratories WFH4C TT/SR/HS Wafer Handling Robot (142631554678)
ASM 03-142707-01 Lo/Hi Temperature Interface Board PCB Rev. B Refurbished (173542534443)
Hitachi M-511E Microwave Plasma Etching System Mapping Sensor Robot Used Working (380798842065)
Nikon 4S007-959-B Detector Assembly EX-S/H-2 NSR System Used Working (142738897487)
West Coast Quartz 91-01627A Silicon Slab AMAT Applied Materials 0200-40013 New (170767112919)
Daihen AGA-27C-V RF Generator HFA-30A-V TEL 3D80-000825-V3 Used Tested Working (141878435680)
CX-2500S Comdel FP3323R1 RF Generator 13.56Mhz Tested Used Working (141622812408)
Nikon Wafer Stage Cable Guide NSR-S205C Main Body Used Working (382416712504)
Invax Technologies ESC-9232B Electrostatic Chuck AM-END-500C-12SB New Surplus (170836289129)
XYCARB CERAMICS 10210015 Wide Body Bell-Jar New Surplus (173043479842)
Plasma Therm Etch Chamber (142631628853)
Oxford Instruments 7426 EDS X-ray Detector with Link ISIS computer (20607-001) (142732151838)
ASM 1012-522-01 Upper Lamp Array Assembly ASSY-UPPER LAMP ARRAY New (142631688817)
ASM 93000-07445 WAFER ALIGNER (142631741374)
AMAT Applied Materials 0010-10328 Oxide ESC Shell 200mm (382315168510)
KLA Instruments 710-658909-001 Processor PCB Card KLA XYI A KLA-Tencor Used (173542500744)
ASM AMERICA 02-320586D01 Reflector-Center-Assy (142631700279)
AMAT Applied Materials 0240-30808 Pedestal Kit 200mm New Surplus (140693094611)
Dynatronix PMC105/2-2-4/15-30 Pulse Power Supply 990-0298-151 New Surplus (172174626381)
Hitachi Wafer Inspection Transfer Robot I-900SRT Defect Inspection Tool Used (142918658146)
Nikon NSR-Series Robot Rail Used Working (173227427566)
Powervar 74090-53R Power Conditioner ABC90.0-48D40Y Tested Not Working As-Is (172157054030)
Hitachi EC1 Transformer Unit M-712E Used Working (142724098984)
Hitachi EC2 Transformer Unit M-712E Used Working (382412326419)
Asyst Technologies 9700-6584-05 Reticle Loader ATR-9000 Rev. E Used Working (173220079013)
Nikon T-703018 Optics Table Assembly NSR-S307E Used Working (142032504818)
Digital PH48H-AA Factory Computer ALPHASTATION 255 NSR-S202A Used Working (173366596750)
Oxford Microanalysis 1184060 Opal Link Assembly C.7311 Used Working (382315283920)
Yaskawa ERCR-SS31-A001 Robot Controller Used Working (173227416001)
Asyst Hine Design 04630-003 Load Elevator Indexer GaSonics 94-1175 Used Working (173225437435)
Fujikin WVG-S2-Y-IB4 Water Vapor Generator Controller TEL Tokyo Electron Used (142062255875)
Nitto Denko MA3000II Wafer Prealigner Used Working (382415945427)
AMAT Applied Materials 0010-00357 Flat Finder New (142631707790)
Pearl Kogyo CF-500-400K(CE) RF Power Supply Hitachi M-712E Used Working (171902143757)
KLA-Tencor 0071141-003 Assembly 0033116-000 AIT UV 0090847-000 Used Working (173225277532)
KLA Tencor AIT UV 0071141-003 Assy 0033116-002 0090847-001 Used Working (382415180273)
Yaskawa Electric VS2B Wafer Transfer Robot TEL Tokyo Electron Unity II Used (381605667318)
Daihen SMA-20B Microwave Waveguide Magnetron Assembly Hitachi M-511E Etcher Used (173029446402)
Nikon 4L991-783AN Depolarizer NSR-S306C New (140336923308)
Daihen RGA-10D-V RF Power Generator TEL 3D80-000826-V2 Used Tested Working (380922379678)
ADTEC AX-2000EUII-N RF Generator Novellus 27-286651-00 Used Tested Working (380699025338)
Operon DFU-128CE Ultra Low Temp Freezer (173043346993)
APEX 3013 AE Advanced Energy 3156113-009 RF Generator MeiVac Used Tested Working (382516899066)
Synergy Microsystems 0090-76110 V21 VME PCB Card AMAT Precision 5000 Refurbished (172530165202)
TEL Tokyo Electron PB1-U125-01-T AC Power Box CleanTrack ACT8 Untested As-Is (380329115898)
ChemWest Systems 420518 Automated Slurry Filter Cabinet Copper Used Working (142362880989)
IT Industrial Technologies IT7586-G2A1440PFA1 Computer ASM 2398095-01 New (142822075629)
Schumacher 1483-2201E V MDOT Delivery System, Model VMDTEOS 3'-3' Used Working (382538833723)
DYNATRONIX 990-0229-410 Pro Series Power Supply Model PMC-104/1-5DC New (142631709039)
Nikon NSR 4G680-389AN Scanner RPF 6.5% New (380153311404)
AMAT Applied Materials 0010-35937 RF Match Assembly Rev. 03 New (172340806953)
KLA-Tencor Stage (no chuck) 0049592-003 0023835-002 AIT-UV Untested As-Is (173227401206)
Shinko 3D80-000652-V2 LM-ARM-CONT(CE) Controller SCE92300006-2 TEL T-3044SS Used (142345508726)
Hitachi M-712E Microwave Assembly Complete EC1 Daihen SMA-20B ES7-IIA Used (381487034849)
AMAT Applied Materials 9090-01095 Controller Chasis Rev. A Used Working (382415952563)
KLA Instruments 710-679375-001 KLA DP Display Processor PCB Card KLA 2138 Used (142780120631)
Invax Technologies 02425-011 Electrostatic Chuck 300mm PVD Upgrade New (380356208334)
AMAT Applied Materials 0040-38515 DPS-P-ESC Chuck (KAP-PS08F) (142631563200)
Nikon Wafer Stage Chuck Main Body NSR-S204B Used Working (142730031885)
Nikon 4S082-592AN Guide Assembly Used Working (140778727882)
TEL Tokyo Electron DEV Develop Process Station Assembly Lithius Used Working (380762432420)
TEL Tokyo Electron ADH Adhesion Process Station Lithius 300mm Used Working (141109059346)
ASM 1018-538-01 Moisture Analyzer Connection New (142631675714)
Nikon 4K177-955-2 RD Reticle Transfer Robot NSR Stepper Series Used Working (140333235137)
Nikon 4K177-955-1 RD Reticle Transfer Robot With End Effector NSR-S204B Used (380379040591)
Nikon 4K177-955-3 RD Reticle Transfer Robot With End Effector NSR-S204B Used (142610009160)
ASM 16-321825E01 WELDMENT-PROCESS CHAMBER-200MM-ATM New Surplus (142631746700)
KLA Instruments 710-658807-00 HBO VIF Board PCB Card KLA-Tencor Used Working (382567815429)
SCHUMACHER 1483-0401A V MDOT Delivery System, Model VMD-AVP New (173043486159)
AMAT Applied Materials 0010-00591 150mm Stretch Flat Finder ASM 4645213-0001 New (142746708154)
Nikon 4S064-363 Beam Matching Unit Controller BMU-IOP NSR-System Used Working (382484455423)
Nikon Wafer Stage Optics Pieces Lot of 5 NSR-S204B Used Working (173149218452)
FEI Company 4022 262 26331 CLM Column SEM Assembly CLM-3D 4022 268 00581 Used (172834516090)
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