Ebara 50x20 (50 X 20) Dry Vacuum Pump/blower Package System 3600 L/min

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  • Condition: For parts or not working
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  • Brand/Model: Ebara 50X20
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NEW ASM PN: 04-332828-02 Kit-Blades-Stepped-Intmd-Inj Plt, Injector Plate (162651439355)
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NEW ASM 78-107228A12 300mm Universal Load Port Asyst Isoport PN: 9701-1256-01 S3 (382213471107)
NEW ASM PN: 16-193091-01 Pin-Adjust-Lift (132311465199)
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NEW ASM PN: 3657558-01 Pin-Paddle-Quartz (382213471431)
NEW Swagelok SS-6BK-TW-10 3/8" Stainless Steel Pneumatic Bellows Valve (382213471740)
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NEW Asyst PN: 15332-002 486 Controller Board, ASM PN: 90-123159A37 (162651442377)
NEW ASM PN: 79-117584A15 Feedthrough-2 Piece Block Heater (132311472532)
Refurbed Applied Materials/AMAT PN: 0100-11000 Analog Input Board Card PCB (382213471781)
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