Filter Smc Zfb100-04 Air Suction / Yaskawa Robot

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  • Brand/Model: SMC ZFB100-04
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Heater Watlow Anafaze (LAM) 778-900046-001 TEMPERATURE, W/OT,16CH (121642791858)
Actuator ROTARY Pneumatic SMC CRB1BW20-180S (121569773362)
Motor DC Servo (DC+RED) PARVEX RS220KR1000 (121688491917)
Belt Gear Timing BRECOFLEX V16-T10 4220-U0197 (121585033481)
Valve Check Ball PP 63 DN50 2in GEORG FISCHER +GF+ 167.360.407 (121585100615)
OEM Part TRAY-SLEEVE-CODE INDICATOR 60614199 Muehlbauer (121569667937)
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OEM Part ROTARY LIFTER MECH, 2300 ETCH (LAM) 853-015434-103 (122011364681)
PCB (TEL) CT2981-600392-11 I/F Board #003 (122279761613)
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Meter OMRON H7ET-N-B Digital Hour Time Counter (123125496144)
Robot YASKAWA VS2B Wafer Transfer TEL Unity II (123284728948)
Valve Throttle KF40 VAT 61132-KA52-ABP1/0003 (121819390330)
Valve Solenoid Manifold with regulation 24VDC NUMATICS 041BB400G000061 (121892029217)
Camera NIKON NVC6B-U i9 Camera Control unit (123096125393)
Valve SMC XLA-40 Vacuum Bellows SS right angle KF40 Pneumatic N/C (121600372876)
Thermo Couple (TC) Type S High Temp JOHNSON MATTHEY 1SC2-A4.75E.3 SVG THERMCO 6 (121841203929)
Flowmeter GEMU 815/20/7 Flow Meter NaOH 25% 1-23 L/H DN20-3/4in PVC (121641694847)
O-Ring DU PONT AS-568A-138 2037 2.112 X 0.103 in PKG 3 (121687076485)
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Filter Yamashin Filter MFG XESE061S4NM Excel Filter vacuum foreline trap filter (123577628181)
OEM Part (AMAT) 0010-70001 CASSETTE ASSY HANDLER-BOTTOM 200mm P5000 (122433095245)
Robot (TEL) 3S87-002338-1 PIN LIFTER DRIVE ASSY, SPA-T 300mm (122021044600)
PCB DC-motor drive, MC403C1/EL7606 ASM FICO 4552200 PCB, (122009418916)
Robot (TEL) CT2985-471606-12 ARM ASSY (12H-2-1) ACT 12 (122009482419)
OEM Part SVG THERMCO 911055-001 Pedestal Baffle,sic-avp 200mm, High Temp Silicon (122010425888)
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Scale ARLYN SCALES AR-14609X9E 60lb 9x9in SS 4-20Ma low profile (121898813759)
Switch VACUUM Adjustable SMC ZSE1-01-55CN (121569782026)
Meter BADGER Meter 540366-0001 TRIM BELWSL LIN 1/2 J 316 RCV ReCo Valves (122307635976)
Belt Cambridge 3805 WJ 914252-003 Inconel 601 Belt 12 3/8 in X 25ft CONVEYOR,CV (123430417814)
Pump YASKAWA DDMQF-SR2230 RC/ELC1, SRCII Robot controller TEL Unity (123096125398)
OEM Part ASML 4022.456.0195 DOE 12 193nm ADE 300mm twinscan (122596021483)
OEM Part ASML 4022.631.59201 DOE 1002 193nm ADE 300mm twinscan (122596021414)
Valve solenoid DC 24V CKD 4SA019-D2 (2 PKG) (121568929679)
PCB TOKYO ELECTRON (TEL) CPC-G228C01A-11 Pump Add On Board TKB2162 (123669210264)
Sensor MST 9602-7101 O3 ( OZONE) sensor cartridge SENORSIC (123125496693)
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